Keeping Up

It has been mentally exhausting recently to simply place efforts in the continuation of friendships.
The love for my friends is highly regarded, however it’s been quite a chore spending time together…

I’m unsure if everyone felt the same way & have yet to face their realization or chose to sweep it back into the closet…

In any case, I realised I didn’t need to put myself through that pain at all

Keeping Up is tough
Why should I keep up?
Keeping up may help you achieve a certain objective faster just because you want to match your peers.
Is matching your peers a good enough reason to strive harder & remain unhappy?


Do whatever it takes that keep your spirits high!


You graduated with a bunch of mates and moved on together in the corporate world,
thinking you guys have strut it out on from the very same level…


The professions & choices made in life have caused some differences 10 years after that…

The friendship might have stayed with your throughout and the events that happened in the decade would safely tell you that they are good people to keep.

The time you take to proceed from one life-stage to another differs greatly among individuals – & this caused a rift

Businessman Illustration

When nothing major happens and some people proceed to do very well in life by climbing the very-normal corporate ladder, they tend to think more and more for themselves.
There’s lesser and lesser to give.
They stop being the considerate bunch of monkeys you once had so much fun with.
They value their time more than yours, they place a price tag to every thing and forget about sincerity

I believe every one has the possibility to be prone to developing such behavioural aspect..
On hindsight, I’ve gotten there once
& I am thankful that my feet came right back to earth
It’s quite a revolution & in turn, I appreciated more and more of the littlest things people do for me.


The next stage is inevitably – Marriage

First dance illustration2

8 years ago, I started attending wedding parties and I have absolutely lost count on how many couples got married while I’m eating at the table

I sat through so many pre wedding discussions that I can provide a template for all answers to the brides.
Being a bridesmaid bores me thoroughly as I no longer have any form of enthusiasm and excitement.
My existence in the role stems from the love for the bride.

Girlfriends-disappearance rate inclines at the constant of 25% in an order of
1) being attached
2) Juggling work and relationship
3) Getting married and buying a house
4) Popping a baby



Babies are such a great gift from God
They are superbly sweet nothings coz they’re not mine
They just take my friends away and I can no longer go out with my friends without them coming along

The number of baby showers has been increasing infinitely
Who says that the Singapore birth rate is decreasing?!

I havent had enough time to finish attending baby showers & the next thing that comes right up is
One year old birthdays

It’s neverending…
I told myself that if I ever got into this cycle of life, there will be no dinners, no showers, no parties
@ least I help shave off one such event in everyone’s life =p



Yes, I’m very much backward
& I no longer have any similar discussions with people who have moved on faster
What I have left is my principals and values that very much defines me

There is no doubt to how much I still love them, but it’s no longer providing the same amount of happiness as before
Things change for a reason
Such that when you moved on to the next life stage, I stay behind to help you maximise the opportunities that you overlooked.


I appreciate everyone who still think of me and want me to be out there with them
I apologise if I am unable to be present – (sometimes due to the fact that I allow my bed to kidnap me)

I selfishly chose to be happy
I know you will still love me!

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