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Welcome Jacqueline Burchell!


A Singaporean Gel company that all of us should be proud of!
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Founded at the same year with Nail Vibe~!
I’m glad to be taking on the full range of Jacqueline Burchell’s gel colors
The Swatch palettes for ALL the colors are already in store right now, however due to physical space constraint, we can only hold on to an inventory of about 430 colors at the moment
Which is still considerably ok to feed all your appetite for new colors!


I’m more than happy to extend a nice promotional discount to ardent fans of Nail Vibe!
& that’s not all!
You also get FREE Registered Mail to go with it!

***Remember to select REGISTERED MAIL for your shipping option while checking out


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Jacqueline Burchell Price List

Jacqueline Burchell Gel Polish @ S$16.00
Jacqueline Burchell Non Wipe Top Gel @ S$32.00
Jacqueline Burchell Base Gel @ S$32.00

My Favourite Jacqueline Burchell Collection


are these yummy YOGURT colors!

Creamy base with multi-colored dots!
Looks too real to be true!
On lazy days where I just wanna quit doing nail art, I swipe these on and the job is done!



As Vibe Retail Store has been holding on to the Jacqueline Burchell colors for a couple of months already,
there have been so many customers who had a glimpse of the swatches for the brand & posed us with these questions that I thought I should share with you

1. Do I need to use Jacqueline Burchell’s Top & Base Coat for these colors? or Can I mix with other brands?

A: It is not necessary to use only Jacqueline Burchell’s Top & Base Coat but it is definitely recommended to use Jacqueline Burchell’s Base Coat to pair with their colors. Using other top and base gel coats from other brands work too!

2. Is this the gel that doesn’t require to be cured in the UV Lamp?

A: These colors REQUIRE curing in the LED Lamp (UV Lamps are gradually being phased out now)

3. Will you teach me how to apply gel on my own?

A: Yes, we have plenty of tutorials to assist you with that. Honestly, it’s easier than normal nail polish!

4. How long will Jacqueline Burchell colors last?

A: They last up to 3 weeks! Of course, it really depends on what kind of chores our hands are being exposed to =)

5. How different is Jacqueline Burchell’s NON WIPE Top Gel from other brands?

A: A Non Wipe top gel simply means you can skip the cleansing step. This top gel cures instantly without a tacky finish, hence you don’t have to cleanse the stickiness off~
You save a small step at the end of your manicure!

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