It’s a Wrap 2014!


The entire stretch of 2014 had been kind to me till the last couple of months
Things have been smooth and life gave me more happiness than anything
It’s a year filled with small travels to neighboring places
Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia
Which I am more than happy to have enjoyed the good times

Business is sustainable and though can be improved, I am guilty of not being too hardworking and have been too lenient with myself
This day in 2014
I spent it counting down the new year in Beijing
Partying in 798 in subzero temperatures
downing alcohol never felt this good before

Last night, counting down to 2015 with a glass of champagne in hand
& with old friends by my side
was even better than the year before!




December has always been my favourite month
Kick starting the month with my Birthday on the 10th
Where celebrations with friends happen from the very first week
Before the celebrations can be done, Christmas is right around the corner
It’s another reason to be spending in the arms of different groups of friends
Giving and Receiving gifts of love

Coming up next, just 7 days after
We get together again to welcome the new 2015
It’s indeed a festival for me!

I am thankful for having lovely and supportive friends
I’ve always said, I have nothing but amazing friendships
I am truly swarmed by love this 2014My favourite month of December was downplayed
As I went through some emotional hiccups
I remained as positive as I could, settling immediate issues before moving to the next
It is difficult to explain what had happened as it would have been a dramatic long story
that traced back to a couple of decades~

For more than 6 months in 2014
I spent it trying to get back into the workforce
Facing countless rejections from rigid employers who maintained that they require accumulated years of experience over anything else
and they were too concerned about me owning businesses
Some demanded for me to wind up before I can join them full time
Which is absolutely ridiculous~
That set me back a little
For most people, we would have developed some self doubt
I definitely know what I am capable of
& I will continue to find the right corporate fit
It is extremely important to fit into the organisation
You’re not simply looking for a vacancy to fill
All the rejections just meant that I have not found the right fit

For 2015,
I hope that everything can only go up from here
I believe that things happen for a reason
There must be something greater in life that I am made for
something better to receive
having more to giveand new lessons to learn

I wish all my friends will be treated well or even better
I know for sure, that things will only get better

Happy 2015 everyone!


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