Issit Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

Making a sincere apology can be difficult in so many ways
It will only be slightly easier if you overcome your ego and you place the other party with a high level of importance
More often than not, we choose to ignore an apparent issue and walk away from it
Hoping that things can miraculously heal or take it to social media platforms to vent the frustrations

I’d think the good ol’  apology is still the most effective and efficient, but if it takes a piece of flesh out from you to blurt out SORRY, then…..


That’s accepted too I guess?
This time and age… should be alright… No?

Issit Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

It’s NEVER too late to apologise and admit that you fucked screwed up like 10 years ago or 10 days ago
The effect is really the same to me – though I might be less angry after 10 years and decide to be more magnanimous
but of course, some people are no longer worth it

Anyway I don’t quite have an objective in writing this, just regurgitating my thoughts into my blog space~


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What Spurred This?


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Something/Someone made me exceptionally MAD earlier this week
On one hand, I was glad I had someone to unleash my frustrations to while on the other hand I find it extremely bizarre that I did not see a single sense of remorse, let alone the word ‘sorry’

I might be the biggest bitch you ever come across in life, but being rationally charged
I can be tamed easily as long as I see that you’re sorry
Sadly, that being has zero idea of the definition of selfishness and took me for granted


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I’m just saying that when I thought I’ve met enough idiots with horrible characters…
New ones appear!


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oh well!
Too heavy a topic for a Friyay evening!

Likewise, this serves as a reminder to myself~


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