How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish?

Don’t We all Love Glitter Nail Colors?

However, when it comes to the painful removal process….
We dread it~

Melva’s recommended removal process will not only save you time,  also saves you materials like nail polish remover and cotton wool!

First, use White Nail File to file off the surface glitter layer.
Do not file till the nail bed, simply file off the glitter bits
Next use cotton wool soaked with Nail Vibe Lacquer Remover and leave it on nail bed for one minute.
You will find it extremely easy to clean off the remaining polish left!

 Nail Vibe Lacquer Remover is formulated for salon usage.
Contrary to popular beliefs that salon removers will be harmful to the nail bed and cuticles, Nail Vibe Lacquer Remover is gentle to the skin and will not weaken the nail.
The best part, the scent is blend.

After this, you will love to apply glitters even more!!

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