How to be a Submissive Girlfriend


Clearly, nobody expects me to actually be a submissive girlfriend
but I am!
I’m not referring to those high pitched whiny girls you see on Taiwanese Variety Programmes on telly
Please… if you’re reading this and you actually prefer those actresses who managed to convince themselves they have an eternally cute voice box, you’re totally in the wrong zone
Click on X on the top right hand corner to save yourself some time

Being submissive in this day and age is all about making a relationship work in your way with the smartest moves!
A bonus skill that balances the fine line between pure love and practicality
Being submissive is a choice
I made this option work only when my partner shows me he deserves it

When people say that you should always be yourself, that’s not entirely true
Even on the notion where you should have showed him the worst side of you and let’s see if he can accept it…
– NO –
Stop digging your own grave~
Show him that side of you after marriage at soonest


How to be a Submissive Girlfriend

#1 Know When to Make Him Look Good

know when to throw your weight around

For the simplest reason:
Only when he is respected and impressive
Then you will naturally shine

#2 Have a Mind of Your Own

be decisive


You’re not just an accessory, you’re required to be intelligent as well
Being indecisive is the first sign of weakness
& I wonder how you decided to be in a relationship with him or you can’t decide so you let him execute his plans and you followed suit?

#3 Spring Surprises

decently and naughtily

Who doesn’t love to have a surprise every now and then?
Doesn’t hurt to be a little creative sometimes =p

#4 Complete Him

let him do what he does best, finish up what he can’t


Identify his strengths and weaknesses
Compliment him and allow him to display the highlights of his strengths while you make amends for any shortfall
He will appreciate that even more

#5 Give Him All the Space He Needs

paranoia sets him on fire


While he’s unavailable in his own space
focus all your energies on yourself

#6 Whine Minimally

not encouraged, but required occasionally


He might just think you’re cute after all
but it’s a trump card, don’t use it too often

#7 Never Tell/Demand Him What to Do

ask intelligently & provide guidance to lead him to what you want


Encourage the thought process and make him understand the reasons behind certain decisions and actions
Making a statement just ain’t enough


It’s never too late to change your attitude!


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