How I Met my Boss?


As announced on Facebook
I survived a week being an OL
For those who are not familiar with the term OL
It’s basically an acronym for Office Lady

While way before this, I wrote about how ALL OLs strutting in Raffles Place are alike
I am actually very happy to be placed in this area back again
To show you how I made it back to work, in a way you would admire
Before I dive into the main topic, here are some tips I live and die by


  1. Take a SHOWER!
    I’m emphasizing on this as I can smell you from afar if you don’t
    I call it the Out-Of-Bed smell
    Nobody likes that!
    At the same time, a shower really freshens you up and helps you to last through the day
  2. Full make up
    I don’t believe in half-fxxked make up
    Either you do it well or you might as well stay invisible
    Feeling good about yourself would have already brought you to a higher level than the ‘commoners’
  3. Dress Up
    Dress to Impress every single day, even if its Friday dress down time
    I’ll make sure my outfit for the dress down day to be equivalent to a Alexandra McQueen’s runway model of some ignorant OLs
    Dressing up shows how much you respect yourself and the company
    It’s all about bringing up the positive vibes and maintaining a happiness scale
  4. Worship your Heels
    Heels are godsend objects to increase your height, straighten your back and piles on your confidence
    The general female population stands below 1.6m
    I definitely can’t help it but run into you without noticing you at all
    Walk like you own it – most ladies are owned by their heels though!
    Change that!


I met my current boss through a Skype interview
And I would like to extend special Thanks to PagePersonnel
A part of MichaelPage Group
I appreciate and I do take a large mental note on how much hard work has been put in to secure interviews for me
The team has never given up on me
and continually sold me in a beautiful package to their clients
Since I wasn’t a normal candidate in the market…


I’m writing this to bring you through my agonizing job search process that lasted for more than 8 months
Perhaps even longer than what I can remember

Why am I a Weird Candidate?


Unemployed for the last 4 years

The gif basically illustrates what I do all day at home!
Don’t you love days where you roll out of bed and yet too comfortable to be out of your PJs?
Food is within reach and you can watch tv all you want
Without having to worry about the time to get up the next morning, or making sure you get ample restI totally enjoyed it but you have to know that this lifestyle will not be sustainable for many reasons

So what if you are unemployed for many years?
Yes, it means something
Employers generally label your CV as Junk when you are not utilised by the private sector for more than 24 months
& specifically in the banking and financial industry > more than 12 months


Entrepreneurship is encouraged by the Government
But not by Employers

I totally recognised the Govt’s efforts to encourage SMEs by putting solid policies in place
Connecting angel investors with innovative start ups
Incubating and nurturing unique ideas has moved a lot of individuals to step out and take a courageous move
We have all heard of wonderful successful stories while the failures which is a multiple of the successful ones were of course, not publicised

So what happens to the people who needed to fall back onto a job?

Take my case for instance…. and Vibe Retail shop are still running fine
Honestly, I’m bored and I should not be wasting my time watching TVB at home everyday and blogging at the slowest pace due to the luxurious amount of time that is available to me
So I started my job search which is probably the same with everyone else
1. Look out of opportunities online
2. Submit CVs
3. Check inbox everyday to find nothing!

Example: Employer MC

HR: Hi Melva, we are willing to offer S$2,500 a month, however you will need to wind up your business
We are not comfortable that your business is still running even though there is no conflict of interests

You’re kidding right?! Firstly, the salary sucks! Are you too blind or so dyslexic that you missed out my Double Major in Degree in Business Management from SMU?
This is one good time that I realised all the studying I went through was worth shouting for….
Secondly, you pay peanuts you get monkeys
Oh… sorry, it slipped my mind that you’re also a monkey
hence you only like to recruit monkeys

Example: Employer BB

Director: Is your business failing? Are you not surviving? So you need this job to feed yourself?

Are you getting personal or you have forgotten how to speak professionally since you have just been ordering your staffs around?
What do you not understand when I mentioned that the business is SUSTAINABLE?

There are many others who reacted negatively and these are just a couple of examples…



It is highly suspected that I can no longer work in a team
Employers assume I can only work alone
Since I have not worked with colleagues and at most working with my staffs

Have you not wondered what it takes to even be a budding entrepreneur?
It’s a basket of skills including working in a team
It’s something like learning how to ride a bike and learning how to swim
Once you know it, you can’t unlearn that
I bet you will not allow yourself to drown right?


Take Instructions Well

It is also naturally assumed that entrepreneurs are not accustomed to taking instructions anymore
coz people like us give instructions instead
I know a role as an employee fairly well since that has been inculcated since the beginning of time that we need to understand and carry out instructions given by a senior being
What’s more if I’m getting a paycheck?
Come on, I’ll listen to you!


Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Where does the ladder lead you to?
The sky’s the limit but are you able to live the life to climb it?
How many people and things would have to be a foundation for you to step up?
My perspective has been toned down ages ago
Stress levels are the main cause of death
My primary focus is to remain happy and survive with ample food
Not too much to ask for right?


So here comes the problem…
Why doesn’t anyone believe I’m contented with a simple role?
I have set it across transparently that I will take a step down and accept normal challenges
Be part of your payroll and at the same time, enjoy a healthy work life balance
Just because I look like a powerful woman who have harboured a whole life worth of ambitions
doesn’t mean I’m one
Honestly, I’m just a simple vainpot looking forward to pen you a couple of blogs weekly
Enjoy checking out new products and cooking myself some detox diets
Looks can be deceiving
I’m the perfect example – just the other way round from the norm!


In any case
I’m super contented with what I have now and feeling really happy

Thank you for reading and ask me out for coffee if you’re in the area!

Disclaimer: This article is written subjectively and certain facts are derived from reliable sources from friends


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