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How Ecrinal Nail Treatments Saved my Abused Nails


Ecrinal has been one of the most sought after brands for nail treatments since the beginning of time
I was so caught up with making sure that there is ample stocks in store that the idea of even trying them out has not occurred to me at all

Until last weekend, when I was removing my gel to prepare for the 2 week vacation that I will be taking with Karen
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Firmed on not torturing my nails any further, I decided to go on a naked streak through the holiday in New Taipei


So, this is how my nails look like after removing normal gel polish
Please don’t get alarmed!
I get this all the time also coz I really can’t be bothered to scrap the leftover gels off properly anymore
since in usual circumstances, I would be giving it a new coat of gel right after
hence, it wouldn’t make a difference right?
In fact, the rougher the surface, the better the gel polish is going to be adhesive to your nail beds

In this event, where I was going to take plenty of photos during the trip
going on a naked streak is already a bad idea, how can I let such nails get any unintended exposure?

Here’s where Ecrinal comes in… since I don’t have much time
The most efficient way would be to put coats of treatment on, instead of spending an hour or so giving my own nails a spa
(though it would have been really pampering, but I’d prefer to have someone do it for me at that very moment)


Ecrinal used to have a 4 Step system:
1) Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener
2) Ecrinal Fortifying Nail Cream
3) Ecrinal Nutrient Nail Mask
4) Ecrinal Flexible Base Coat

The Ecrinal Nutrient Nail Mask was such a best seller all time
Then it suddenly got discontinued and all the ladies in the world went hungry for alternatives!

So right now, we have just the other 3 products left
After seeing many returning customers replenishing the Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener, it’s only natural for me to give it a go!


First – One Coat of Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengther
Then – 2 coats of Flexible Base Coat

Of course, if you’re just looking to give your nails a treatment break, then just the Vitamin Nail Strengthener will suffice
It’s a water based product – this simply means there is absolutely no need to remove the coat
It’s meant to be absorbed immediately and leave no residue on the nail surfacewhile polish based strengtheners will turn yellowish after a week or 2
and forces the OCD in you to remove it and get a new coat on


Slapping on 2 more coats of Ecrinal Flexible Base Coat to make my peeling nails more secure for the trip
At least they will not bend when I carry my luggage – this is the very thing I was trying to prevent

The Ecrinal Flexible Base Coat also has a tinge of nude
which makes my nails look natural and covers up the flaws!
Flaws of the scrapped surface~
It’s been 4 days into my trip and the polish is still very much intact!

Where to Buy?

Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener

Ecrinal Vitamin Nail Strengthener

Ecrinal Flexible Base Coat

Ecrinal Flexible Base Coat

Ecrinal Strengthening Nail Cream

Ecrinal Fortifying Cream

Get Ecrinal range of products from or drop by Vibe Retail Store
@ China Square Central #02-27


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