How Do I Feel After Getting Married for 10 Days?


Has it been 10 days?
– OMG –
Thank you for all your congratulatory messages and even customers who sent me blessings everyday in the shop
How sweet!

I’m here to answer the most frequenly asked question:

Do You Feel Any Difference after being Married?
How do you feel after getting Married?

Essentially in the same context & my answer is always the same!
No difference leh~

Everything is largely the same
The commitment level is the same
We return to the same home
We still have the same objectives
We have the same level of accountability
Our amount of sarcasm remains constant
We are still VERY Happy
We are still VERY IN LOVE


Being married shouldn’t change any of that goodness you had when you were dating
You’ve merely translated that commitment into a visible and secured agreement
A marriage agreement is subjective since everyone have different definitions of being serious in this agreement
Hence there are differing levels of work being ploughed into all marriages
There is no absolute measures
Whatever that works your marriage is the best rule of thumb!

The Main Difference


Observant friends noticed that my Facebook name has evolved to taking on Mr R’s surname
It’s not just simply a change in name on Facebook, I’ve also made it official with a deedpoll
& That was why I needed new ID & Passport photo

Some people shockingly expressed that they didn’t know they have to change their names after getting married…
– NO –
It is not required to do so

It’s just that I already had the intention to abandon my family name + chinese name altogether
So, this is my new name ( I retained ‘Melva’ only on the account of this blog~)
The reason for the abandonment of my original family name can’t be explained publicly
However, I feel extremely relieved after my name change was done!

I extend my deepest appreciation to everyone who has been so concerned!

How Do I Really Feel about being Mrs R?


Now that I looked back…
Everything that happened somehow made sense
Every guy that fate has arranged for me to meet, was to lead me into appreciating Mr R more and more every day
[Read these previous links to understand my plight: Valentines’ Day Special: 14 Species I Avoid DatingThugs: Your Key to knowing the GoodThugs Part 2: Your Key to Knowing the GoodThugs Part 3: Your Key to Knowing the Good]

I thought I just had NO LUCK at all and even questioned WHY does it have to be ME to be meeting all these horrible guys!!!
YOU, reading this right now… be glad that you don’t have to go through the dreadful ‘selection process’ I went through

& It wasn’t just abt the history of meeting very wrong men…
Fate also arranged an abused childhood, a troubled teenage life and a distraught adult life over the span of 30 years
I think everything has fallen in place for me right now and I finally get to enjoy having a doting husband, a pair of perfect in-laws and a life of comfort & happiness

What is Mr R doing right now?

Gleefully reading this blog & returning home to his wife



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