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Hourglass Mineral Veil Makeup Primer Review


I’m usually too lazy to use a makeup primer considering how many layers of stuff goes onto my face prior to actually applying the foundation

I’m kind of disturbed by the fact that this product actually exist and HOW did I not have knowledge of it~!
– ok, will read more –

Anyway, over the Mothers’ Day Weekend where Sephora Black Card Members get 20% off storewide
I poked my curious self into the Hourglass aisle where it was sardined with women trying to get their hands on the veil
After some struggle, I managed to corner the sales assistant and asked for the primer!

Great NEWS!

ok, fear not~
There’s the mini size available which of course nobody wants to buy coz it does not make sense economically
– HECK –

I’ll give it a try

SGD$30 for this small shot here
After 20%, that makes $24
The BEST $24 I ever spent on a cosmetic product!


How much to Use?

3 pumps!


This is the interesting part…
Comes out liquid,
spreads like oil,
feels powdery (reminds me immediately of calamine lotion),
glides on my face smoothly,
dries instantly
& mattifies!

When to Use?


Everyone has different steps to applying make up & Here’s Mine:
1. Serum
2. HourGlass Veil
3. Tinted Moisturizer/UV/BB Cream
4. Concealer
5. Foundation
6. Press powder
and carry on with the colors~

Use on its Own?

yea, for those who love to go out with your naked face (I wish I can sometimes) & look gorgeous
You can use the Hourglass Veil primer on its own
but it’s a bit too pricy for me that way
Best coupled with make up!

The Result?

12 to 14 hours of mattified make up
No dabbing required
No more shiny face
There won’t be a need to check myself out in the mirror mid day anymore
The make up will be INTACT!


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