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Hong Kong DisneyLand Holiday Under $1000


Hong Kong is a land that requires no further introduction~
For most Singaporeans, we’d probably been there 10 thousand times over and would still be searching for a short weekend getaway to Dim Sum Land
as long as the prices for the flight and accommodation is worth it

Since 2005, where I last landed my feet in Disneyland Hong Kong
Valerie gave me the best idea to re-visit the theme park once again since she has the sudden urge and spontaneity to join me over the last weekend~


So How do You Budget Your <4 days 3 nights> Trip under SGD1000?

Some of you may think …
Hey, $1000 is not really a budget trip right?
Well, for $1000 I was able to travel in comfort and I saw the great difference compared to my previous REAL budget trips where I had to lug my hand carrys while scrimping and saving on every mode of transport
Here, $1000 can provide you with some kind of luxury that you deserve!

1) Flights
Always be on the look out for promotions on
Love their ongoing promotions which give me some inspiration on destinations as well
I got a round trip ticket on economy class for just SGD329
Comparing SQ to budget airlines… Paying a hundred bucks more and I get these:
– meal
– leg room
– 30kg baggage
– service from the beautiful cabin crew in kebaya

2) Accommodation
My favourite website for booking hotels:
User-friendly interface with instant availability reflected and marked to market prices
I was lucky to be snapping up a 3 night stay in Galaxy Hotel for just SGD382 (HKD2100)
That translates to just SGD127 per night for an excellent location right beside Excelsior Hotel in Causeway Bay

Galaxy Hotel
Flat B2, 6/F, Kingston Building, 2 Kingston Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

It’s common knowledge that property prices in Hong Kong are on the high side and there will always be an increasing shortage for land
Instead of your usual high rise hotel property, Galaxy Hotel resembles those boutique hotels in Taipei where the building on the outside looks kind of rundown
And the hotel is situated at the 6th floor and occupies just one unit
So please do not be daunted when you arrive at the location – if you find it dodgy, it really isn’t!

Basically, the owners bought and refurbished the unit by dividing it into many rooms and acquire a hotel license for business
According to R, who video calls me every night
He said it seemed like I was living in an University Dorm Room
which was a very apt description!


As I booked the hotel prior to knowing that Valerie will be joining me over the weekend
I informed the hotel that there will only be 1 pax = me and hence I got a queen size bed which I was definite that 2 girlfriends sleeping in that will not be an issue~

Upon checking in, I informed the recep that another girlfriend will be joining me the next day
They were nice enough to upgrade me to a larger room at no additional cost
Yes, this was a larger room <can’t quite imagine what the original room would have been>
The space between the 2 beds was quite redundant since I would have to walk sideways to snug my legs through


Valerie’s first reaction when she stepped into the toilet was > ok… here’s the toilet bowl
so where’s the shower?
“Just look up babe, it’s there….”

3) Airport Transfer

Travelling to the city from the Hong Kong International Airport is NOT always about the Airport Express
A round trip on the Airport Express will set you back at HKD190 which is app SGD35 assuming your end destination is Hong Kong Island
After which, you will still have to change to a taxi or walk the long connecting tunnel to get to the MTR to bring you to your final hotel destination

Did you know that there’s also plenty of AIRPORT BUSES at the basement of the Airport Arrival Terminal?

 Generally, you can always find a bus that takes you to the near or to the exact location without much walking
& cost only HKD26 to HKD46 per trip

You work the sums~

4) Hong Kong DisneyLand


Beat the queue by purchasing your tickets online first before you depart on your trip
Instead of buying via disneyland’s website, there’s an alternative where you can save up to SGD10 per ticket
Thanks to Valerie for buying the tix with a good deal and hassle free upon entering the theme park
Just proceed straight to the gate and they will let you in by showing them the printed e-tickets~



Even the price for the Halloween Ocean Park Tickets can be shaved off!

5) Data Sim Card for 7 days


Only HKD88 (app SGD16)
Allows you to stay connect to the social media world for a week!
Cheapest possible way by

Buy this over the counter from the 7-11 convenience store at the Airport Arrival Hall~


The Happy Me has spent a total of:
$329 + $382 + $80 + $16 +$16 = SGD823

There’s still a balance of SGD177 for FOOD and miscellaneous trips on the MTR


If I eat this everyday for breakfast and tea break, I’m sure there’s more than enough money to go around!
< Ju Zai Bao from Tsui Wah >


I love my egg tarts to the core
These famous Macau Portuguese Egg Tarts were my breakfast from the Ground Floor of the Excelsior Hotel

< Lord Stow’s Egg Tarts from EXpresso >


As Singaporean as can be, we should give the original Tim Ho Wan a shot
Located conveniently at Hong Kong Station above the Airport Express
Expect LONG queues and unruly + hungry tourists waiting impatiently for their tables


While waiting, you’re supposed to place your order
When you’re seated, you’re no longer allowed to change or add on anymore orders
Unless of course you whine a bit like I did…..


This was the most extravagant meal we had… I’m normally NOT like this!



As the saying goes, mai dong xi chi dong xi
That’s exactly what goes on in Hong Kong
You Shop and You Eat!

Even when I’m supposed to be behind bars, I had a shopping bag with me~
Says it all!


DisneyLand drove my Tsum Tsum indulgence up many notches
Too Cute and I would love to collect them all
sadly, we really HAVE A BUDGET

And please exclude shopping $$ from the $1000
Shopping is an option anyway
You can always choose not to buy things while you window shop


After Valerie put things in perspective for me
by collaging this and showing me how many tsums I have to buy in order to collect them all~
I went against my own wishes and only bought ‘useful’ things
Well, ‘useful’ is really subjective !


We have…
– 4 tees
– 1 photo frame
– 4 magnets
– 2 keychains
– 1 notebook
– 2 tins of cookies
– 1 luggage tag

& that’s all!
Very Manageable!


Quite a pity that it wasn’t practical to carry an Olaf Balloon on board SQ
Otherwise, that would have really materialised



Bought this dress off from Plum Blossom

I left a part of my fortune with this shop in La Foret @ Causeway Bay

If you like these styles, then you should really visit their Facebook Page and place your order
They ship internationally – however the shipping charges are borne by you upon receiving the package




Each piece can be expected to be above HKD600 or so
You’re paying for design and quality!


One of my favourite shopping place to go to in Mongkok is Argyle Centre
Mong Kok MTR Exit D2
As I age further, I have lesser things to buy from that teeny boopy place
But it’s still nice to take a walk and spot cheap buys like my “Too Busy Having No Ideas” tote!


Farewell & I’ll see you again soon DisneyLand!!!


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