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Hong Kong 2017

Lots of catching up to do since the last update in Nov…
I’m gonna be more proactive in editing my photos from the various trips and keep this blog alive!
Instagram has really been the fast way out for me to just publish my pics and move on =p

Let’s start the #throwback to Hong Kong late last year & I’ll let the signature photo of a very classic scrambled egg sandwich from a chachanteng kick this post off!

Absolutely irresistible!
I remember walking along the streets in Jordan and spotted the Australia Dairy Company (47 Parkes St, Jordan, Hong Kong) & just had to snag this sandwich for supper!

Visiting Hong Kong is like paying an annual pilgrimage to a country really close to my heart.
Late last year, the weather was totally gloomy and the air filled with smog. I posted the photo above in its raw version to reflect the true atmosphere.

Unlike the past years, where I would land in the country and go ahead with shopping…
This time, I found myself eating my way through and adopted a touristy approach to see Hong Kong in a different light.
Here’s what I did……

#1 Dinner at Lobster Bar and Grill

A quaint restaurant located in the corner of Island Shangri-la Hotel, unseen from the main lobby
I love how the decor brought me back in time

Seated down right next to this circular aquarium…
The name of the restaurant was blatantly calling me to step in, how can I refuse lobsters and alcohol?

A juicy cocktail to start my evening on a good note~

Signature Lobster Bisque

Lobster & Alaskan Crab Cocktail

Rhode Island Crab Cakes

Lobster Pasta Cappelini 

I went back as a really happy girl that night!

#2 Sight-Seeing like a 1st time Tourist

Warning: Scroll down for an onslaught of images that was carefully selected to be shared with you

It was such a pity that the Hong Kong Observatory Wheel was closed at that time but I know it’s definitely back in operation right now!
I would totally still go check it out this year!

#3 Hung out at Disneyland

This was the ONE time in my whole life that Disneyland had so little visitors in it
(try spotting people in my photos)
Honestly, it was a breeze and I rode + re-rode the rides I wanted without spending much time in the queue
The awesome weather was a total bonus as well!

Pre-Disney lunch has to be in Disney theme too!
Been wanting to try these cute dishes at Crystal Lotus in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

You will have to preorder some of the dishes like weeks in advance during the reservation to secure them!

Am I the only one in town?
Totally dressed up for Disney~
Minnie Hat was purchased from Disneyland Tokyo last April, too happy that I have yet another chance to depreciate such a pointless purchase

Also, walked away with an exclusive Hong Kong Disneyland Pandora Charm!

#4 Dined at 2 Michelin Star Caprice

Located at Four Seasons Hotel
You have to try it yourself to understand the joy I have while writing this now

Amazing view across the harbour, you can see the ICC tower right from this table

Love this open kitchen concept with dripping crystals

Speechless, totally speechless
I thanked the chef personally for this amazing dining experience, not forgetting the impeccable and caring service from the captains


& before I know it, it’s time to head back home!
Real proud that my luggage was the same weight as when I arrived, but I definitely gained a few pounds instead

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