Hello 2016!


First post of the year & I would like to sum up
my lovely + not-too-lovely 2015 
+ what to expect this 2016!

Almost fully recovered from jet lag & fresh from a long weekend of doing nothing deserves some attention!
Writing can be a drag and also a source of relief & today, I’m writing this with conflicting thoughts and reflections
So, if you’re confused about anything, it’s perfectly NORMAL!



Started the year off with my usual bod

still slim & fit at 54kg


& still working out

on weekly regime until November 2015
but didn’t manage to concur the 7kg weight gain


Lived out of a luggage

I doubt anyone experienced homeless-ness before
I did, and it’s not a good feeling at all

Made a major decision in life and walked out
never looked back
headed for the better!


hung out much with Blogbuddy Smive

gave me more cheek muscles from laughing gigs


Had a job

yes, had…
coz I’m sitting at home typing this now & gonna prep to head out for errands soon
It’s a long story on the whole issue which I struggled with the employer for not paying me salaries on time for a good 6 months
thereafter, the company share price fell 10x overnight
& they had cashflow problems
& they stopped paying everyone in the company
& I seek solace with the Ministry of Manpower and they efficiently settled this issue
However, it eventually cost my job since the company was really going through sh*t

yes, so I’m jobless again! =p


Met the Love of my Life

I know he’s the one the moment I met him
There was very little doubts, I wouldn’t say no doubts
but you know, some things happen for a reason
& I’m glad to know Mr R is the RIGHT REASON


Got Engaged

on my birthday!
double the joy!


Got my driving license back

the process was indeed painful
but I’m thankful the whole ordeal is over and I’m never gonna do anything silly to lose it again!


Visited New Taipei

too much greens, too much nature
have absolutely no idea about the itinerary before I set off
didn’t like it at all
shortened my trip and came back abruptly
Read about my allergy to nature


First overseas trip with Mr R

my necessary trip to buy cheap bras and his virgin trip to the city!
which many friends asked after the trip: how is travelling with him?
Travelling with your partner is a level lower than living together
if you can live together perfectly, then how different can it be to travel together?


Did Hong Kong twice

first in March 2015
later in October 2015

amazing how I will never be sick of that dimsum land
Read my account on the Disneyland holiday here:

Hong Kong DisneyLand Holiday Under $1000


First time in NYC

went all touristy in New York City
heard too much from Celeste on how she loved the city & perhaps watched too much Sex in the City
The impression of NYC was pretty far off from the actual experience
Enjoyed my time nonetheless
Who would complain when you’re on an American holiday?

Had loads of fun in M&M store though!


Travelled First Class on SQ

totally worth mentioning
First time in my life that I got off an airplane feeling fresh and happy and all set for a day of adventures!
We redeemed miles to earn this seat
If you ever have the opportunity, it’s super worthwhile to be on board the Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin
You will  be SUPER pampered and long haul flights will never be the same again!


Seeing my Chee Seen Por, Haylie!

10 years of friendship!
built on shopping
we met once every few years but it’s always a ballin’ good time to see her again!
Had so much fun that I realised we never had a pic together
This is probably the most decent one:


& also, visiting San Francisco for the 2nd time!


Saw snow for the first time!

I know Singaporeans leave the country to be in the cold
I’m happy to be in the tropical land of the sun
Going somewhere with temperatures below 10 degree celsius will be equivalent to Melva being in the North Pole
We drove past a snowy area on the way back to San Francisco & Mr R asked if I would like him to stop so I can touch snow…
I rejected it flat
I would melt once he open the car door, so no way!


This pretty much concludes my 2015
So, Welcome 2016!

We’re Getting Married!


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