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Harmony Gelish VitaGel – Strength & Recovery

VitaGelStrength is a revolutionary natural nail strengthener
• Enriched with Vitamins A, E and B5
• Designed to strengthen the natural nail
• Grow longer and stronger nails, free of blemishes
• Helps Gelish® and Nail Lacquer resist chipping for extended wear
• Can be worn alone as a natural nail strengthener
VitaGelRecovery is the answer when thin, brittle, weak or damaged nails call for help!
• Maximum strength formula!
• All the benefits of STRENGTH in a more concentrated formula for added durability
• VitaGel Recovery fortifies and strengthens the natural nail to counteract stress and increase flexibility
• Works best as a base coat in contact with the natural nail.
For Gel Polish Application
After applying a coat of PH Bond -> Apply VitaGel -> Gel colour -> Top gel -> Cleanse
Upon Soak Off, the VitaGel will be removed as well.
With VitaGel, the  layer protects and strengthens your nail base – preparing it for Gel polish application.
Trust Harmony Gelish to counter the usual complaints of having weak nails after soaking off  by launching VitaGel!
It is like THE Godsend Gift to all of us who adores using artificial methods of beautifying your nails (includes nail polish, gel, nail tips & Acrylic extentions + overlay)
For Nail Polish Application
Apply VitaGel -> 3 min in UV Lamp -> Nail Colour -> Top Coat
# NOTE: No base coat needed
Upon removal -> Use Polish Remover
VitaGel will still be intact!!!

Re-application -> apply another nail colour  -> Top Coat

The nail strengthener that stays on and on until your natural nail grows out!
Time Saving & Cost Saving + Well Treated Nails!

6 thoughts on “Harmony Gelish VitaGel – Strength & Recovery

  1. Hi I tried the new vitagel following those instructions only difference I dry brushed the vitagel after curing but within a few days they dropped off. Can you give me some advice?

    1. Hi Rhonda, what do you mean by dry brush?
      There are a couple of reasons why the gel comes off so easily:
      Not filing the nail surface properly before applying bonder
      Vitagel goes on too thick – you should apply very thin layer only

  2. When I apply the vitagel it doesn’t stay on the free edge. I cover the edge completely but after curing its almost like it shrinks back from the edge. Have you heard of this happening? Any ideas?

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