Happy Birthday to Me!


Happy Birthday to Me!

10th December is the loveliest date in the entire year where I’m the QUEEN!
oh wait, I’m always the Queen!

No surprises for spamming you with selfies for the obvious reason of being in love with myself


Another year older, yet another year wiser and prettier!
I refuse to stay stagnant and I’m on constant search for the elixir of youth to give me the life of a 28 yr old forever and ever
ok that was a joke~
I embrace aging and I know it’s just part of life
Make up is the answer to everything and whatever works to make you happy is the true elixir of youth!


Some deep thoughts this afternoon…
I wrote a Xmas card to Mr R (and have difficulties hiding it esp when you’re living together)
A quick flashback on the relationship brought me an inexplicable amount of gratitude and a true reason to live for
The ultimate education of how one should be showing appreciation more than picking on the little stuff unless your relationship enjoys argument
Well, some people think that the aftermath of an argument is always sweeter
That is somehow twisted as it is temporal contentment

I guess good things are really worth waiting for!


There were 10 thousand times in the 6 years of singlehood that I actually believed this happened
I was super adamant on what I wanted and I’m glad that Mr R came in the absolute wonderful package of all I ever wanted in a Man!

For those people who have ever told me to settle for less just because:
– “oh mel, you’re not getting any younger” 
– “this guy is alright… take him better than waiting for nothing”
– “Lower your expectations please, what you desire is out of this world”
– “No more already… the kind of man u want is extinct and you wouldn’t want to be alone”

You know what… I’d rather be alone than settle for a man lesser than me
and with such an attitude in life, I’m also quite sure you have settled for less
Just don’t regret your decision


I’ve really been through a lot this entire year
Only to realise that what I’ve held on to last time is no longer important to me now
Being popular or not does not matter at all
It’s not the quantity but the quality of the conversations

I’ve made new friends and discarded friends who showed that they can’t prioritize friendships
I really appreciate all the facebook birthday wishes that tells me that people do bother writing you something after seeing facebook’s birthday reminders
That itself is good enough

There’s also people who whatsapp me and we suddenly caught up on an entire year of life events within a short conversation
I’m pleased with that
Then there’s friends who took me out for meals starting in November just to ensure they had a glimpse of me
I can’t thank you enough

& there’s twin who watched the clock till midnight and sent me 32 kisses
but she was 2 minutes late coz she went to drink tea instead


Mr R is someone who sleeps before 11pm and some times, 10pm
I remember scolding him last night for dozing off on the couch multiple times and refusing to go into the room
and leaving the telly on so loudly while he ain’t even watching it
It has never crossed my mind that he was trying so hard to stay up till midnight and planted a kiss on my forehead to be the first fella to hug me on my 32nd birthday!


Thank you everyone!
I deserved to be loved and to be happy!
That’s all I ever wanted!


I’ve everything to gain and nothing to lose
yes, I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin than ever
gaining 7kg is just a small complain I made
I just need to buy bigger dresses!
What matters most is eating well, eating healthily and having someone to eat with!


There were times that I would stop and think about how some friendships have distanced itself either naturally because there’s just lesser time to spare or through misunderstandings that never occurred

What do I mean by this?

Out of nowhere, you get upset with me over nothing
That’s really not fair
You know me yet you concluded a judgment of me just coz you didn’t like something I posted or said
Tell me something concrete so that I can explain myself
If I ever did something wrong, then I apologise for that
I wouldn’t have gone all out to make life difficult for you if u didn’t make mine tough
Yes, I might be vengeful, but it’s all to protect myself
If you distanced yourself just coz of your own insecurities….
too bad really
I can’t help you out in this

In any case, I also understand your priority if you had no guts to tell me
people come and go, I geddit!


Really looking forward to my next holiday coming up in 4 days’ time!
I’ll still try to catch you if I can before leaving
Nonetheless ,if I don’t…
Cya in 2016!



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