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Great Eastern Women’s Run Fringe Activity: BodyCombat by True Fitness


Happening this November 9th,
the Great Eastern Women’s Run (GEWR) will be commencing at The Float @ Marina Bay
Registration has recently ended on 30th September
If you have signed up for the run, I’ll see you there!

My girlfriends and I are registered for the 10km run
In preparation for the run, the crew at GEWR has a list of fringe activities to psych us up towards the event
2 weeks ago, I attended one of the fringe event on a Sunday morning
Combat class by True Fitness
True Fitness has a branch at China Square Central Basement 1


As the location of the activity is held at the open area of China Square Central
which is right at Vibe Retail Store
I’m more than happy to be present
as I can rest well in my shop right after the event~


I was so afraid of oversleeping that I woke up by 6.45am and got myself there before 8.30am
Here are ladies who are so prepared for the workout
I was honestly very much half asleep


Thoughtful people from GEWR and True Fitness offered all the ladies 100 Plus and bananas
I downed a can of 100 Plus to quench my thirst and had a banana for instant energy!

And then, the workout begins~


I was very much into kickboxing, and then moved on to BodyCombat
which is also a version of cardio kickboxing
The main difference is actually in the music
BodyCombat’s choreography can be matched with music from retro to pop to alternative rock
while kickboxing focuses more on trance, house and electronic


When the rising sun is in your face and makes you lethargic
you will just be fighting on to complete the session
It’s all in the mind and I know it’s gonna be the very same experience as the GEWR on the actual race day!

We probably went through about 8 tracks of workouts
evenly working out both arms and legs


Cool Down Time!



We all got together to snap a group photo~
I loved the spirits of the women
We were all strangers and actually came together and enjoyed a thorough workout!


Thank you True Fitness for the Goodie Bag
I can actually use everything in it!


Will see you on RACE DAY!

I hope this inspires you to start or continue working out!
Healthy activities and joy do come hand in hand!


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