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Gel Polish Tutorial by Melva

Previously, I have posted several versions of gel polish application tutorials by brands such as Harmony Gelish, Orly SmartGels and Red Carpet Manicure.

This time, I’ve created my OWN version!
I have been advising customers the very same way and it’s time to document them!

The FAQ is also an interesting guide to the same questions everyone posed.
Now you know why there are certain steps you can’t miss!

You can also right click to download them!


Gel Polish Tutorial by NailVibe



Is the Prep process important? What happens if I skip it?

The Prep process is essential to you gel polish manicure. The roughened and dehydrated surface of the nail helps bond the gel to your nail beds, resulting in longer lasting gel polish manicures.

Can I use normal cotton pads instead of lint free wipes?

Lint free wipes are strongly recommended to avoid having lints stuck onto the surface of your roughened nail, which will make the gel polish application process untidy.

Will my nails be damaged after gel polish application?

Your nails will be weakened from the prep and the removal process which is inevitable. You may opt to replace the base gel with Harmony Gelish Vitagel which is the only nail strengthening base gel available  currently.

What is the difference between using a UV Lamp and LED Lamp for curing?

A UV Lamp needs 3 minutes per cure while the LED lamp requires just 60 seconds. Further details in comparing the features between these 2 lamps can be found on

Can I use normal nail polish colours instead of gel colours?

Nail polish and Gel polish are 2 entirely different manicure systems. Using nail polish instead of gel polish will result in cracking and peeling of your manicure within days.

How long can a full size bottle of Gel Polish last?

A full sized bottle (15ml) is able to provide you with 20 to 25 full sets of application

Do I have to add thinner to maintain my Gel Polish bottle like normal nail polishes?

Unlike nail polishes that dries with air, gel polishes will only harden with LED/UV lights curing them. Hence they always come in opaque packaging prevent light from getting in. They do not require any thinning agent, simply keep them away from sunlight.

Why do we need to wrap our fingers with aluminum foil during the soak off process?

The aluminum foil prevents the soak off solution from evaporating, so you need not keep refilling your fingers with solution during soak off.


Gel Polish Tutorial FAQ by Nailvibe

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