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Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort (Tian Yue Quan)


The first time I stepped foot into Taipei was back in 2005 and have not revisited since then
When Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort extended their invitation to spend 2 nights with them
Karen and I were more than thrilled to snag a great excuse to have a getaway!

The start of our journey wasn’t a smooth one and we almost didn’t make it to land in Taoyuan
Due to the typhoon, many flights were cancelled and postponed through the night of 21st September
That was my first experience sleeping on the couch in Changi Airport Terminal 1
Consistently updating Karen on flight conditions… The total delay clocked 8 hours 20 minutes
I could finally board my flight
But this time, Karen got offloaded and we both didn’t know if she would make it on the next flight out
So I flew off without knowing what was going to happen

Arriving at Taoyuan, I got news that Karen has boarded and I would be expecting her in another 2 hours!
Not all is lost…

Getting to Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort from Taoyuan International Airport

1) Taxi
Costs approximately NT1100 to 1200
That would be about SGD47 to 51
45 to 50 minutes drive

2) Airport High Speed Train to Taipei City
3) Bus to Taipei City

These 2 options are about the same
Negligible ticketing fares and similar time taken to arrive at Taipei City before changing to MRT to get to Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort
Ride to Taipei City will take about 30 minutes and will alight us at Taipei Main Station
Thereafter, hopping on to the Red Line toward Danshui
That’s another 25 minutes to drop off at BeiTou


Get over to the mezzanine platform and await the cute train that takes us just one more stop to XinBeiTou


Once you alight, the familiar sulphuric air tells you that you have arrived!


A 3 minutes walk from XinBeiTou station will take us to Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort
No. 3, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112


 The warm welcome at the reception was really appreciated after spending half the day waiting aimlessly in airports
We would have supposedly arrived in the morning, but by the time we got there to check in,
it’s 8pm
The skies are dark and we were too hungry to do anything else


Finally we got our room to rest for the night!


A proper bed to sleep on and not random couches in the airport….


The King sized bed was more than enough for the 2 of us!
2 yukatas for us to change into
These were replaced every morning so we get fresh new ones to cloak on~




I tend to be really absent minded when I do last minute packing
Forgetting most of my toiletries
Forte Beitou provided professionally packaged shampoo, conditioner, lotions, shower gel and facial cleanser
Very timely since I didn’t bring most of the stuff~


The electrical socket in Taiwan is different from ours
If you do not have your adaptor, fret not
The rooms are equipped with international sockets
making it absolutely convenient for international tourists


The BEST feature of the room is of course
The Built-in Hot Springs Tub


Installed with Filtered Sulphuric water on one tap and cold water on the other tap
Loofahs are also provided for a good backrub


No time to lose….
We were too tired and could totally use this as a perk-us-up session!
While waiting for the tub to be filled, both of us took turns to shower
and when we were done washing up, the tub was just right done!



The room is also fitted with a personal sauna chamber


Good enough for one pax if you’re as tall as me and require more leg space


After a refreshing soak in the hot springs tub
We need to settle our growling tummies
The bustling area in XinBeiTou definitely wouldn’t let us starve in any way
A few minutes is all you need to get yourself to a decent restaurant to dig in


Just had to mention that Taiwan is indeed the Land of Mahjong
People in the neighbourhood gather every day and night
right in front of Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort
to have a game of mahjong and chess


Just across the park from the hotel, there’s this decent Japanese Restaurant on Level 2
Right above Mcdonalds
who politely served us even when they were closing up
Allowing us to order and ate our fill


We quickly ordered 2 set meals
Costs around NT330 each set
(app SGD14)
Did not expect that the entire set was so sumptous


Every dish in the set was so good
I finished it all!
Friends who know me will probably be surprised as I usually can’t finish my meal


What’s a Taiwanese holiday without Taiwan Beer?!?!


As Karen doesn’t drink alcohol,
I got to have it all by myself!


If the restaurant had more time for us, I’d definitely finish it~


Shopping in Taipei is not to be underestimated
Spending hours straddling down the endless streets and carrying all our shopping bags ain’t an easy feat
What you need most is a good massage to end the night
Within 5 minutes from Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort, we got a 2 hour body massage
before heading back to the resort to dip into the public hot springs
(again, yes!)


The next morning, Karen got her hair fixed at a local salon next to the Japanese restaurant we dined in


while I ran towards Starbucks for the caffeine antidote to start my day
Nobody should be talking to me if I didn’t have it first thing in the morning
It was the best feeling to know that Starbucks is just around the corner


Our time spent at Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort was maximised and we enjoyed all the facilities to the brim!
We will definitely be back again!
Thank you Tian Yue Quan~


2 thoughts on “Forte Beitou Hot Springs Resort (Tian Yue Quan)

  1. The tall building is a Forte Beitous residential! I nearly mistook it for the resort itself. I didn’t know you had such an eventful journey there… I actually made use of the Priority Pass from Citibank to rest at one of the private lounges with food etc in Changi Airport. You should do that next time should it happen again (touch wood la!)

    1. I didn’t know that was residential! the 2 buildings are connected on the 3rd level~
      The airline offered free breakfast but I was too tired, I just wanted to find somewhere to lie horizontally haha!

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