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Recently Herine introduced me to
[TLDR :: This business is probably doing so well that it provides no service at all, one time the chicken was spoilt but they ignored my feedback till now. Their refund policy is unreal. Food is decent and cold, go for it if you really don’t have another choice]

Lunch delivery businesses suddenly got all competitive and there are so many other options that sprung up like Grain, Food Panda, Deliveroo, UberEats, etc
They all strive to deliver lunch to your desk on time and at the same time, provide healthier options by presenting the facts in every dish like this:

select meal

What intrigued me to sign up?

Being alone in Vibe makes it kind of difficult to even excuse myself to the ladies, so buying lunch will be the next most ‘dangerous’ feat
Being in the same area for the last 8 years, I’m really bored of all the food options within reach…
So I checked out FoodMatters!

#1 The Menu


menu 2

menu 1

The presentation of the menu makes me hungry instantly!
I’m not exactly counting my calories, however I wouldn’t mind having delicious lunch with a healthier method of cooking

#2 Subscription Price


I went straight for the Light Plan which sets my lunch at $8 each meal
Very decent I must say!

NOTE: * Should you feel that our service is not suitable for you, you may write in to us. We are more than happy to provide a refund.

NO, I didn’t think you were happy to provide a refund at all since you ignored me

#3 Referral Code

Herine sent me her referral code to key in upon payment
When the system detects that you’re referred by another subscriber, both you and your friend gets 2 meals free each!

Use my referral code: 574LH0V0O
if you’d still like to go ahead after reading this post
I wouldn’t complain getting free meals but I’d hope that they will stop sending spoilt food

How to Plan Your Meals?

Mobile App


Download their mobile app and you can easily select your meals before 1pm the previous day
I dislike how lagging the app is, so I will always be on my desktop

Website Calendar


Though they say that you have over 40 meals to choose from > They’re referring to their entire menu
Each day, there’s about 5 to 6 options to pick only
If you don’t like everything offered that day, then you’re not getting lunch~

The Meals


My first meal from

Baked Spiced Chicken with Spinach and Orange salad

Chicken was uber tasty such that it makes me wonder how healthy it can be
There’s only 2 slices of orange in the whole box


Teriyaki Chicken Rice

Extremely generous portion of brown rice
The chicken was decent and the teriyaki sauce was not spectacular at all


Soba Noodles with Chicken

This was the meal that went wrong
The diced chicken was smelly, which affected the noodles
I threw the whole box away after tasting 2 pieces of diced chicken
One time to know it’s bad and 2nd time to confirm that it’s bad

Wrote them a feedback and I guess that message went to outerspace


Guilt Free Caesar Salad

This chicken is identical to the Baked Spiced Chicken
I doubt it was guilt free coz the chicken was too salty


Steak And Beans Wrap

Invited Mr R to lunch at my shop this time
Ordered 2 meals this particular day
The wrap didn’t fill half his tummy but he said it was alright
*not very enthusiastic response from my husband and thereafter, reluctance to come over for lunch


Wholemeal Spaghetti with Sauteed Vegetables

Loved the mushrooms but it was too oily
Pasta was a lil hard too
I couldn’t finish this…


Roast Chicken Wrap

The chicken inside the wrap is once again the same as the Baked Spiced Chicken

Yea, if you’re wondering why issit only chicken and vegetarian dishes, that’s really because of my peculiar dietary taste
This was insignificant but it fills me up~


Honestly, I have really mixed feelings about this despite getting no customer service
During my initial sign up, I had issues logging into the app
I assumed that since my signup was just minutes ago, perhaps the system has not synced yet, so that might explain why I was unable to login to get the food calendar

I emailed them — there was an automated reply & that’s it….
I called the hotline, a guy answered the call – he sounded like he is dozing off and he doesn’t want to talk to me at all
He said, ok we will check and get back within 3 days
YES! You guessed it! NO REPLY
by then, I can miraculously login again

The ultimatum came when the chicken was spoilt, I wrote in a feedback and of course, NO REPLY

I wanted to cancel my subscription, then I realised that they will forfeit my unused meal credits


So I chose to suspend it until further notice (when I decide to finish eating?)
Then I can terminate the subscription~

On the good side, I’m really stranded in the shop so How am I going to feed myself?
At least there’s food sent to me right?

I also realised that I’ve been eating cold food all the time coz I don’t have a microwave in the shop
So I would like some hot noodle soup sometimes you know
Then I’d patronise the yong tau fu uncle opposite my shop


Judge for yourselves!


6 thoughts on “ Lunch Delivery Review

  1. Hi Melva!

    I am trying to use your referral code for food matters but they want my friend ‘s email address for verification!

    Do you mind sharing the email address you used to sign up for your food matters account?

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  2. Foodmatters is a scam. They closed their kitchen without refunding anyone’s money. Now their facebook page is inactive and there is no way to track them back.

    1. I’m sorry to hear your plight. It was a struggle to get a refund from them as well after I found that the chicken was spoilt & I no longer want to order from them anymore. They’re really an unethical business!

    2. I am not the only one, anyone here lucky enough to get refund back? if yes, how? today they email to charge next subscription again where i hv suspended my account at least 6 mths ago.. no email reply, facebook no more and no call number.. what can i do ?

      1. Same thing happen to me too, they charge me for Jan’18 and Feb’18 subscription and i email them but no reply. tried to suspend my account but the website not working. If they have been closed down why are they still charging us? anyone here mange to get a reply from them?

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