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Fathers’ Day Dinner @ MooJaa Mookata


25 Keong Saik Road
Along the whole stretch of attractive eateries, you can spot the Red Pig Head logo &  smell BBQ from afar

A last minute decision to pop by MooJaa after work at Vibe to celebrate Fathers’ Day with my family proves way more Yummier than the original plan to dine at a Sushi Bar!

Since I eat like a bird, I left the ordering to the men of the family.
We settled for a Set Moo (pork set for 2) that includes everything you see here:


I Need to highlight that the Cheese Tofu and the Crabstick is super good!
The Crabstick is not the normal flour-infused ones you get from the supermarket, it’s the japanese ones with much more Crab flavour!!

MooJaa uses white charcoal instead of the commonly seen ones which are black.
White Charcoal is as Soot-less & as good as Smoke-less.
This is so important as we had enough of the damn haze~

Here’s my Mama’s very classic & laughable expression.
I call it The-Still-Nagging-at-How-to-Cook-on-Fathers’-Day Look…
Many friends have commented that I will express the exact same reaction 30 years from now…


There’s one Great thing that runs in the family…
The absolute Love for BEER!
Me & daddy shared the jug


The Jug of Carlsberg fed us well!

For Non-Alcoholic drinkers, the next best deal is CHAI YAN
Thai Ice Tea
My second favourite if I’m not downing the booze =p

The Set Moo could only feed 2.5 persons in my perspective
We ordered more cooked dishes…
I’m actually more in love with them than the BBQ

Fried Tang Hoon

Thai Hor Fun

Fried Omelette

Belachan Fried Rice

Thai Green Curry

The Pineapple Fried Rice above was the First “Prototype” and I was the official ‘guinea pig’ for it.
The large chunks of pineapples makes the dish stand out from other normal pineapple fried rice you have tasted~

What you CANNOT miss is the Sauces!
MooJaa’s very own recipe for the Seafood Sauce (for those who can’t take spicy stuff) and the BBQ Chilli Sauce goes with just Everything! With ingredients Specially flown in from Thailand, you can expect the authentic flavours of thai cuisine!

The Nocturnals can be assured that there’s always somewhere for supper no matter what time is it…
After drinks, after party, after poker, after mahjong, or even waking up in the middle of the night famished…

MooJaa is open till 6am Daily!!!


The New Menu is also available now!



See You @ MooJaa!




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