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Fann Beauty Wellness: bSoul Facial


Shortly after returning from NYC last November,
BlogBuddy Herine took me to Fann Beauty Wellness for a facial and womb therapy session
Which was super required coz after each travel, I tend to have bouts of outbreak from the colder season in the other side of the world

This is NOT your usual kind of facial treatment
but a MTM (Meridians Tissue Manipulation) treatment which can be similarly linked to TCM methods
MTM therapy is a form of remedial massage that uses buffalo horn tools to enable the therapist to go deeper to unlock knots in your muscles, providing more effective relief for chronic pain, muscle stiffness and fibromyalgia.


This was taken after our 3 hour treatment
looking fresh and happy to head home to end the evening!
However, let me start from the time I set foot into Fann Beauty Wellness @ Blk 214 Serangoon Ave 4 #01-98



Your friendly neighbourhood beauty therapist at your service
The ladies are extremely friendly and happy to be examining my skin condition
I was prepared for the worse coz I know how congested my skin was at that moment


First, she showed me how healthy looking complexion should look like when magnified
This part of the skin was taken from my wrist
You can see a grid line pattern throughout which indicates that the cells are normal and not damaged

So, are you ready for how the actual complexion look like?


Where did all the structured grid lines go to?
They’re all messed up
This is the precise results of the damage to my skin when I expose it to the sun, and out of vanity – I did laser

The good news is:
With utmost care and time
This is gonna be healed
though we are not going to see the perfect grid, but at least we can see a more unified pattern the next time


In all honesty, Fann Beauty Wellness looks mediocre on the outside
Yet, the staffs were all professional and the impression garnered more plus points when they settled me in comfortably


As you can see, there was plenty of blemish on my face
The ‘bull horn’ used by the therapist is a special equipment that (in layman terms) is able to absorb the negative ions from the internal and soothe blood circulation, encouraging a better flow


It might look sharp but it was painless
I understand that it is not a common method of therapy, but rest assured that all the staffs have been professionally trained to be able to deliver this treatment


Main product used in this facial treatment is bSoul

bSoul is the first eco-friendly phytoceutical cosmetic line rich in certified active principles.
From nature, the performance of a natural but ingredient-rich line, which gives the best to the skin, while respecting the skin and the environment: both of them are a heritage to protect. This is the reason behind the decision to exclude the use of parabens, silicones, petrolatum, paraffin, SLES and of course no testing on animals.

bSoul has the main aim to give true results in a dynamic way and through the constant research of what can be improved, helping our skin to recover its ideal condition! bSoul skin care is truly certified by ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) and well received in Italy.

bSoul is a new way of skin care, it encourages the skin to start working in a right, physiological way and for some people, they may experience some discomfort in the beginning. This could be signs that their skin was working in a wrong way. Especially for those who have tried many types of synthetic skin care and cosmetics before, and have a complicated skin history, their skin will need a longer time to stabilize.



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10 sessions @$1280
1 session @$148

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*bSoul Facial First Trial @$48


<image credit to Herine>
Fann Beauty Wellness
Blk 214 Serangoon Ave 4 #01-98
Singapore 550214
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