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Epicure MasterChef Thai Cooking Class


Thanks to Epicure Magazine for the opportunity to participate in this special monthly edition of MasterChef cooking tutorial.
This month, Forest Leong teaches us 4 detox dishes that can be served together as a meal!


1st dish: Thai wrapping snacks – Mieang Kam
Contains raw ingredients like grated coconut, can be eaten without any cooking.
Our bodies are supposed to absorb the nutrients from these better.

2nd dish: Chicken Soup with Lemongrass and dill
Dill has an acquired taste and not everyone may like it.
It has strong detoxing properties and I just happen to love the taste of dill!
The soup is purely cooked from plain water with chicken and lemongrass, all the flavour in the soup is natural~

3rd dish: Bake Vermicelli with Prawns
I just learnt that vermicelli contains zero fats! Best replacement for noodles!
The dish does not have to particularly stick with using prawns, we can also use chicken/crayfish/fish slices.
The sauce was the specialty here, filled with chinese wine and a mix of oyster sauce, maggie seasoning, chicken stock etc
Very tasty indeed!

4th dish: Bake Tapioca Cake (ba bin)
Dessert and it’s also my favourite dish through the whole class.
It’s simple to make and taste like a typical kueh-kueh we can get in some local bakeries, but it’s not oily at all!
No butter/oil involved in baking this.
Very healthy dessert and presentable to serve your guests with!


It’s my first time attending a cooking class and it’s not going to be my last!
Learning so much in a couple of hours is challenging yet fufilling!

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