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Entrepreneurship 101: Go get a Job!



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101: Go Get a Job

In my college days, I told myself that I’m gonna be happy with just a job
I’ll work for a corporation forever
I’m happy to be where I am and not take on too much responsibilities
My parents belong to the generation where they think it’s only normal for me to get up in the morning
head to office, knock off at 6pm and come home for dinner
& that’s what I was taught
That was normality to me

3d man carrying heavy job sign. Overworking concept.

A Job gave me loads of opportunities to gain experience in many aspects of life
Working for others is actually beneficial for personal development
Gaining Life skills that can’t be unlearn

There are definitely the fortunate ones who have bright ideas, coupled with a stash of cash
All ready to give it a go
But most of us are not granted with the luxury

Why should You Get a Job first?

8 good reasons to start off with!



Accumulated cash set aside apart from
daily expenses
loan repayments
insurance premiums

That should be the cash used for your start up capital
I’ve seen many businesses run into cashflow issues as they did not set aside a good amount of working capital and relied on the assumption that the monthly revenue will help tide them over.
The assumption might be right 50% of the time, but we do feel safer to have prepared contingencies supporting us right?

Hard & Soft skills


Previously I had a job where I stood by the copier machine a large part of my day
Apart from getting zapped in my brain
The time I stood there
Thinking about how can this job be more efficient that it is right now

If you no longer want to be just a copier lady, then you’ve got to do something about it
Free up your time by outsourcing
I proposed to have a budget and get all materials printed outside
& that was approved
My time is made for better things
Do what you’re told to you & Make it even better!Pluck up that courage and make reasonable demands
You’ll get it through!

Dealing with Co-workers


Managing relationships with co-workers is an ongoing struggle
between protecting yourself and maintaining a perfect balance
You need to know where to draw the line and as with starting up your own business…
Everyone you hire are your co-workers
For a start, there should be no hierarchy
You slave yourself and them the very same way
There’s a trick or two that you will pick up when working in larger corporations

Dealing with Bosses


I got lucky in several occasions
Working for wonderful bosses!
I meant it when I said

They taught me how to treat employees right
How to cut them the slack when it’s necessary

The other half of my time,
I ran into ineffective bosses
I NEVER want to be like them in any way
I paid extra attention to my behaviours to make sure I will never resemble them



Having interviewed many candidates of the Strawberry generation
Professionalism seemed to be non-existent
I have seen neon pink shirts with strappy heels at banking interviews
Resumes with extra large profile picture and 5 pages of words
Overconfident emails to hard-sell themselves
& many more amusing stories…..

There are always different times for slightly casual wordings and hardcore professional sentences in emails
How do you know when to do that?
How should you avoid appearing like a boring robot?
How do  you juggle between being interesting yet professional to your client?
How do you know when to cut your losses and stop wasting time on a China egg?

Mitigating your Risk


Any form of investments comes with a risk factor
More often than not, we quit our jobs to start a business coz we are sick of everything that revolves around the job
& starting a business is the motivational factor to quitting

One thing for sure, I do not sit on a pile of gold
Losing your job while starting up constitutes to you suffering the risk doubly
From personal experience…
It’s extremely difficult for anyone to hire you after knowing you have directorships in companies of your own.
Sometimes, I wished I didn’t quit my job
Remain in the market, remain employable
Yet half the time, I was glad I quit
I wouldn’t have survived healthily till now by splitting myself up anyway~



This is a skill that comes naturally to most women
For the men, they will set the training grounds right by working and getting things organized for their businesses
I’m not sure how you can get more accustomed to multi-tasking
but having a job definitely propels you towards handling more complications all at the same time

Staying Motivated


It is so easy to slump back and you will never realise when it happens~Pile the many things on your to-do list to get yourself consistently hyped up!
While you are being forced to commit that 8 hours per day to be in the office
You will naturally prioritise tasks to be completed once you are able to fly off from the desk

I would usually clear personal and business emails on the go
Launch facebook campaigns the night before
Use professional hours to run personal errands as much as possible
(do not quote me on that)

Point being,
Having a job unknowingly helps to keep you more focused on your objectives
improves efficiency
and allows prioritising to happen


There you have it
8 Good Reasons to be in a JOB
while starting up


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