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Eating in Bangkok Aug 2014

Making my travels more economical, I’m a total Jetstar fan!
I would go budget whenever possible, just to get me to places
It definitely pays to be on the Jetstar promotion weekly mailers to nab the best prices and the greatest promotional deals!


Before hitting the streets of Bangkok last August, I realised I haven’t been to Thailand for a good 5 years or so
Even though BKK is one of the most popular short getaway destinations for Singaporeans,
I never liked the shopping and the weather
There’s really no other reason for me to head BKK apart from the FOOD and MASSAGE

The massage haven granted me 4 hours of daily kneading and cracking of my stiff bloggerholic body
I’d also call it the syndrome of over-photoshop-ping and over-typing
which brings me to tell you about how much time I’ve spent in HealthLand Spa in Sathorn
However this post is all about eating and we have all heard about the overrated Unicorn Cafe in Sathorn
which is a short walk from HealthLand Spa


Unicorn Cafe
Sathorn 8 Pipat 1
Apart from the cool decor externally and the apparent magical feel they attempt to give on the inside
It’s not worth eating or spending any time there
Everything is so beautiful yet it doesn’t make me wanna sit down and spend time in it
The pastel rainbow cakes looks pretty
yet not too trustworthy
For Unicorn fans, this is like a tiny corner collection of unicorn stuff to make it ample to be named unicorn cafe
Not extensive at all
Right Across the unicorn cafe is this seemingly unappealing roadside stall….
I have no idea what kind of noodles they sell, but I’ll take it anyway
10x over those stuff they have in Unicorn Cafe
Turns out, this was the best idea ever!
Ultra tasty maggie noodle soup!!!
So yummy I can have the 2nd bowl
really, don’t ask me what’s the soup base for the noodles
coz I have no idea =p
GeryHound Cafe
Siam Paragon 1st Floor
The Cafe hopping trend is apparent in both Bangkok and Singapore
Singaporeans can’t have enough exploring our entire island hence we find most of our kind wandering to the land of BKK
Siam Paragon is one of Singaporean’s favourite playground
GreyHound Cafe has been reviewed by many
I find it pretty mainstream though
The location of the cafe is tip top since we get loads of options in the same mall at the same time~

These are Fried Salmon Rolls that look just like breadsticks when served
I’ve never liked to eat salmon, but the fishy flavor has been totally masked
So I can stomach a few sticks!

A friend recommended the chicken wings
Looks skinny but tasted great!
I can easily down 2 portions
hence, you can be more generous when ordering
Garden Salad with Thai Style Fried Chicken
I’ve concluded that I love everything that states “thai style” coz this guarantees that the meat and vegetables will be served with loads of spiced flavors
True enough!
Here’s a Frozen Strawberry Healthy Cocktail to chill your senses after surviving the heat in BKK
An amazing slushie that made me demand for a second serving!
An accidental find:
White Flower Factory
4 Floor, Siam Square One
With a huge group of Singaporeans, expect plenty of time wasted to decide on the plans for the late night partying
As we dragged our tired souls and legs, we came across the White Flower Factory
Getting a table took us an hour of waiting time
The menu was unknown to me through the waiting period
However, I was in for a surprise!
Standard Thai dishes: Thai fish cake, Thai Green Curry, Tom Yum Soup
Everything we ordered deserve major thumbs up!
This totally explains the crowd
Prices are on the high side
Some Birds’ Nest soup to nourish my body after a hefty night of partying
Needless to say, with endless rounds of alcohol
The aftermath of such a night called for comfort food
Another random find in MBK Level One
A Chinese restaurant in the corner which I have totally forgotten the name…
It however gave me the necessary comfort food at the right time!
More Tom Yum Soup
Looks spicy but mild
Oily, fried food is the best cure
These are fried prawn fritters with salad sauce
Really happy to be sipping some birds’ nest!!
This requires no further introduction!
Roast Coffee & Eatery
Soi Thong Lor 13, Seen Space
Relaxing place to chill in the afternoon
If it gets crowded, the place gets too noisy with the echoes
chatting with your friends won’t be such a great idea
The newspaper-themed menu made me spoilt for choice
I picked the Crab Cakes in the end!
Poached egg on top of my crab cakes
+ caramelized onions on the side
+ half a toasted tomato
+ asparagus
+ a flattened bit of rosti
Don’t belittle this…
It filled me up to the brim for brunch!
Everyone is raving about the coffee in ROAST
There’s definitely truth to how good the coffee was
So good that I spent all the time appreciating it and did not even have an opportunity to take a shot
After walking the Mega Mall Terminal 21 
in Sukhumvit
It’s cocktails time!
A platter to share for 3
in a random cafe pub with live band
was just our cup of tea that night
Unfortunately I was unable to remember the name of the place and the location
but I was certain it is located among one of the sois near Terminal 21
A classic case of over ordering!
Food and cocktails was lovely
As with the live band performing oldies~
After You Dessert Cafe
With more than 10 branches around BKK
You’re bound to find one near you
For easy reference, there’s one in the basement of Siam Paragon and one in Central World
“After You dessert café first opened in 2007.
Signature desserts include Shibuya Honey Toast, Chocolate Lava Cake, Panookie, Figgy Pudding, etc. Customers loved the menu and started spreading the word ever since.”
– After You Dessert Cafe,
Ignoring the signature dishes of the cafe, I headed straight for the pancakes with the choco-banana combo which I love
To my dismay…. I really should have ordered something else!
I’ve always thought that toasts/bread are always plain
I was striked dead wrong this round
The thick toast was soaked with the most sinful, yet yummy thing — called BUTTER
Never look back
If I ever re-visit you again, I’m gonna have you – Big Toast!
True to its recommendations, the molten chocolate lava cake was devilishly awesome!
I’m sure you would have seen Dao Coffee everywhere in BKK
Just like Starbucks
Other than coffee of course…
They have this!
Looking just like a normal swiss roll
some real coconut got rolled in!
fresh and wholesome for a nice tea (coffee) break!


Till the next time, BKK
I’ll eat through again!



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