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Dome LED Lamp @

Dome Black LED Lamp Vibe


@ Nail Vibe SG!

Gone are the days where we have to be stuck in the lamp for 3 minutes with each layer of gel applied.That, actually wasn’t too long ago~
Perhaps just 15 months ago

In this short period of time, we’ve seen portable UV Lights, single tube UV Lamps, 36 watts massive UV Lamps
(All of which… still available in Nail Vibe SG)

Then, we saw small LED Lamps in terms of the Heart Shaped ones
@ super affordable prices and takes 45 seconds to cure but you got to time it yourself with estimation

NOW, we have a HYBRID!
That cures in



Yes, you saw that correctly!

Dome Black LED Lamp Vibe inside

The machine has a 15 Watts power where
3 watts LED + 12 Watts UV tube installed

Dome Black LED Lamp Vibe back

Comes with 3 Timer Functions
30 seconds | 60 seconds | Consistently powered on

Fits the entire hand
Also fits the entire foot without having to squeeze with care

I never understood why there would be so many versions in the midst where you can only cure 4 fingers and thereafter cure your thumb another time
That’s double the time taken even if it cures in 45 seconds
Technology couldn’t fit the number of LED bulbs in one system?

We could have arrived here much earlier!

Dome LED Lamp also comes in WHITE

Dome White LED Lamp Vibe

Dome White LED Lamp Vibe back

Launch Price Promotion: S$168
Usual Price: S$188

Launch Promotion ends 10th Dec!

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