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#DIY Remedy :: How to Remain Blonde


Since I was on the hair topic and many people have been asking me about how to achieve certain colors, this gives me a good avenue to release my ‘secret’ to everyone!
Nah, it’s no secret really
If you bother googling and youtub-ing, there’s like plenty of similar DIY info and videos
It all boils down to how much time we actually have to do this! LOL

So, here’s my existing hair color after my cotton-candy-stint at Show Image


It’s been about 4 weeks and the pink + grey has been washed out
to a blonde that I REALLLLLLY LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!

Maintaining this color requires major effort too else it’s just going to end up brassy
Brassy hair color is something like this:


I really hate it when my hair becomes YELLOWY
Well, in the past … those salons I went to never told me that I can actually use purple shampoo to reduce the brassiness
It’s definitely a scheme that they want me to keep going back and pay them the money to color it again
I do appreciate honesty in business so I’m ousting those salons totally!

Why Purple Shampoo?

Purple cancels out yellow tones
They’re complete opposites on the color wheel
Hence, using purple shampoo helps to keep the yellows away

If you read somewhere that purple shampoo will dry out your hair and you shouldn’t use it everyday…
Well yes
IT IS DRYING but you should still USE IT EVERYDAY

One wash using NORMAL shampoo & those yellow tones are back


What Purple Shampoo?


Loreal Expert Silver Shampoo

500ml for $29.90
I bought mine from

This shampoo is SUPER DRYING
but for the color, I’ll use it
The shampoo color is a deep blu-ish purple that kind of makes you think that you’re throwing poison on yourself during a shower

Because this is drying out my hair, I seeked the next alternative…


Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo & Conditioner

500ml for $35.90
Available at Qoo10

This is about the only purple shampoo that comes with a conditioner
As usual, conditioners run out way faster than shampoo, so do stock up more on that

Clairol Shimmer Lights smell great and the scent remains in my hair for a good 24 hours!
It’s not as drying as Loreal Expert Silver Shampoo but it is also not as effective
Good enough for a daily wash to maintain the blonde-shell

The conditioner is only worthy for the fact that it’s purple
Other than that, it has no moisturizing purposes
So I mix a couple of pumps of my Smooth & Straight Aveda Conditioner in & on days when I feel generous, I’ll mix with hair mask such that the whole concoction looks purple enough to keep it blonde


#DIY Remedy :: How to Remain Blonde

Here comes the crux of this post!


Manic Panic is a vegan hair dye
It doesn’t smell bad and has a creamy texture
I swear that my hair feels more conditioned after application! HAH

NOTE: Virgin Snow is NOT A COLOUR – It is a TONER

What’s the difference?

Out of the crazy array of colors that Manic Panic has….

hair colors

yea, see!

Virgin Snow doesn’t give you blonde or White color for your hair
It’s a toner to soften and blend the brassiness
in short, to tone down the yellowness and make the bleached parts whiter

Here’s what you need:


Standard hair coloring tools!
Disposable shower caps – I bought in bulk from Qoo10
Disposable surgical gloves – I bought 100 from Guardian for just $9.90
Hair dye mixing bowl + brushes – you can get from supermarkets
Hair clips to section the hair – from Chameleon
Disposable spoon is there to scoop out the dye from the Manic Panic bottle

Guide: my short bob takes a whole bottle to dye/tone
If you have long hair, it’s recommended to get 2 bottles


I do this every 2 weeks!


Part the hair and start applying
I want to be fast so I can’t be bothered about avoiding-the-scalp
The toner will have NO EFFECT on the black roots that are growing out
It will only tone the bleached parts


Comb through thoroughly


Put the shower cap on for 2 hours
I’d be doing chores or watch tv in the meantime


Keep checking on the progress every 30 min…


OK, I think this is good

Wash off using purple shampoo and go on with your normal shower process


After blowing dry
Super happy with the result!


You might not see a drastic difference
but I’m like so particular with the color that I really scrutinize my hair
The originally white-blonde parts are very much blonder




Easy right?
Everything takes effort! =p


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