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Difference between Gelish and Gel Polish

Many customers have been fooled by their regular nail palours & this calls for a POST to educate everyone!
On second thoughts, your manicurist might not have intentionally lied to you but she might have just been plain ignorant about the products out there in the market.


As with the trends lately, most ladies have moved on from the usual Nail Lacquer to Gel Polish.
It is fast becoming a staple.


So What do you know about Gelish?

Truth: Gelish is a brand of Gel Polish by Harmony (USA)

Myth: Gelish is the ONLY form of Gel Polish you can get in the market.

In short, we commonly use the term ‘Gelish’ when we need to get our Gel manicures done.
This creates familarity for both the customers and the manicurists, however this also further deepens the misunderstanding that Gelish=Gel Manicure.

The fact that a Nail Palour only carries Gelish does not mean that there are no other varieties in the industry.
It might just be a form of cost-saving policy or unwillingness to try out other brands until those competing brands gets HEARD.
Then, it’s a chicken-&-egg-problem isn’t it?
If nobody’s willing to try, then these brands will never get heard…


we are PROUD to have so many brave souls!
You know who you are!
Walking away from the norm feels good right??

You will even find that you prefer other brands instead~

Dare to experience these?

IMG_6520(Edited)Orly  rc-red-carpet-manicure-85382589


Make an effort!
Educate everyone that Gelish does NOT describe the entire Gel system.
Gelish is just a brand name.

You know what to say the Next time you hear everyone go:
“I wan to do Gelish”

– 🙂 –

4 thoughts on “Difference between Gelish and Gel Polish

  1. I normally do “gel” at the salon, but nowadays salons only do gelish. Gel lasts up to 4 weeks but Gelish only lasts for about two weeks. I don’t know what to do…

    1. Hi Lize,

      yea i totally know what u mean about it not lasting, especially when we didnt rest our nails in the intervals

      I can only get gelish to last when i rested nails for 6 weeks, with intensive application of treatments on nail beds or getting the surface of the nails roughened more than usual prior to application

  2. Thank you so much!! I want to start using gel polish, but I thought they were different. So I was just gonna buy the expensive ones. 😀

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