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Creative Things to Do under a Cherry Blossom Tree


It was an eyeopener to see what the locals do in Yoyogi Park
Following the previous post on Cherry Blossoms Sightings

Here’s a list of
Creative Things to Do under a Cherry Blossom Tree


#1 Play Mahjong


It was 10am when I shot this pic
They already gathered 4 kakis & started their game way before I walked on by

First, it’s really hard to find 4 ‘legs’
Secondly, sitting on bean bags for one round might already be unbearable
Kudos to their makeshift table though – heightened up by a couple of cushions and the travel mahjong set worked just fine!

#2 Build several Lounge Areas & Rent it out


Here, you can see 3 very different themes
1. khaki cushy sofas
2. dark brown cushions on the ground
3. long dining tables for ground seating

They even have fans for rent in case the temperatures rise in the afternoon


Very entrepreneurial!

#3 Show Patriotism


Gather people from your nationality by displaying the country’s flag proudly on the canvas sheet
Makes it easier for people to identify the correct area to head to as well!

#4 Card Games


Akin to Point #1
At least this wasn’t as unfriendly as restricting the number of players to 4~
Any amount of friends can join in!
Be it, Monopoly Deal or Poker~

#5 Take a Smoke


Yes! Right in the middle of the park and under such beautiful trees!

Here’s a closer look at the dude in black
I’ve zero-ed in on him


Wish there was NEA at that moment

#6 Down the Booze!

IMG_0986 copy

I can’t stomach beer for breakfast but apparently they can!
Chill with a beer amongst the company of great friends
That can really make a star weekend!

 Let me know if you’ve seen other creative things people do under the cherry blossom trees!
Signing off~



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