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Chinatown Food Street Opens till 2am – Smith Street


Chinatown Food Street (@Smith Street) is the newest supper joint right smack in the city

Whether you are feeling famished from the late-night shopping of Chinese New Year (CNY) goodies or feeling peckish in the middle of the night, Chinatown Food Street is the perfect place for supper.

From 30 January 2015 till 18 February 2015, the operating hours of Chinatown Food Street will  be extended to 2am. This makes it the perfect place for night owls to tuck into a lip-smacking  spread of local delights from 24 hawker stalls. Ranging from traditional dishes reminiscent of yesteryear to modern cuisines of present times, there is always something for everyone!


With my shop ( right around the corner at China Square Central, it’s a direct 2 – minute walk after work to enjoy our favourite local delicacies packed in a short stretch!


The Chinese tradition of LoHei has been a common activity these recent years
Last I recall, my parents used to tell me that we LoHei on the 7th day of Chinese New Year coz that is Ren Ri (loosely translated to everyone’s birthday)
However, I have already LoHei-ed for countless times even before the festive season is nearing

I hope I’m gonna HUAT to the max if that’s the case


At ChinaTown Food Street, take your friends and family along for a LoHei at just S$28 for small and S$38 for large portion


Within the last weekend, I was there both late at night and also in the day
The experience and crowd is very much different
If you’re a party-goer and we all know how much food makes us sleep better after alcohol
Here’s an additional option to our usual list of supper places

24 different street hawker stalls  recreate that busy hawker-filled food street that Chinatown was ever so renowned for.

Capture Capture1


For an early dinner when the sky is still bright, I brought my family for a feast!
Skipping the beer, I opted for a healthy Apple and Carrot JuiceThe rest of the crowd alike, are mainly made up of small families and tourists




The Satay is one of the best highlights!
Juicy tender chicken generously decorated on a stick!


Even as early as 6pm, there’s already a 15 minute wait for this… be warned!




One of the stalls with the longest queues: Oyster Omelette
Fresh oysters with starchy omelette
This was an $8 serving worth





The chinese styled ngoh hiang
loaded with a mouthful of tasteLoved the spicy sauce dip!

From 13 Feb to 3 March, spend $10 in a single receipt at Chinatown Food Street and get a 20% discount voucher off Trick Eye Museum admission tickets. T&Cs apply: Voucher is valid until 31 March 2015 only.


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