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Quick Fix Dinner: Chicken Soup

How to prepare clear chicken soup under a minute?

As posted on my Instagram (@melvasg) & Facebook page just last week
Here’s how to prepare clear chicken soup under a minute!!



1. Bring to Boil 2 halves of chicken breasts first in a separate pot
(app 500 grams of chicken)
2. Prepare the herbs from ready packets that you can get from supermarkets
like this
3. Improvise by adding wolfberries
4. This time, I’m gonna use 4 honey dates (instead of normal red dates)
to see how it’s gonna taste
5. Add in whole garlic and some ginger slices
6. Place the boiled chicken breasts in the slow cooker
7. Pour 8 cups of water
8. Turn power to high on your slow cooker

2 hours later…



So much sweetness from the honey dates that I gave myself a pat on my back!
Mr R loved it so much that we both finished the entire pot in one seating~

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