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Cherry Blossoms Sightings: Tokyo 2017


I believe most of you would have seen cherry blossoms at least once before
but I haven’t… so this is my FIRST time! #YAY

Earlier in January, we planned a 5 days trip to Tokyo & based on my research ( this site told me that the estimated full bloom timing of the cherry blossoms will be somewhere end March and early April
The window was only like 5 days
& so I booked us for 31st March and I hope nothing goes wrong

The dates were also intentional to coincide with MIL’s birthday
For her privacy, I will not be posting photos of her
Over the holiday, my instagram and facebook posts had no traces of her  – everyone though it was a couple trip


There’s actually many places to view cherry blossoms
I decided to be a normal tourist and visited Shinjuku Gyoen & Yoyogi Park

Learning Point No. 1

Live up to the Kiasu reputation as Singaporeans


The garden opens at 9am…. Be there at 8am!

The weather was not very kind to us that morning – in fact it rained everyday and temperatures fell to sub 10
Jackets that are windproof & waterproof & comes with a hood are incredibly important!
We stood in line (obviously, we’re the first in the queue)
eagerly waiting to ‘chiong’ in and purchase our entry tickets (abt SGD$2 per pax)

This way, we created a super slim chance for photobombing to happen

Learning Point No. 2

Many shades of Cherry Blossoms


I’m not sure if it’s just me or….
I didn’t know that cherry blossoms come in many shades and types




IMG_0940 copy



These shots are a few of my favourites




A public park where there are a lot more cherry blossom trees and you can expect a whole load more people here since there are no entrance charges
During the weekends, locals flood the park
They ‘reserved’ their personal spot in the park under a specific cherry blossom tree by throwing a canvas probably the night before
We were there real early and the park is already FULL!



A hashtag I created for Patrick Star
I can’t exactly remember when we started packing PatStar into our luggage
but it’s definitely symbolic and he’s gonna continue travelling with us!



Check out the amount of people on the ground sitting on blue canvases~
That’s just a small part of the park
I would say that Shinjuku Gyoen is very literary and most of the people in the park are tourists
while I see that the larger proportion of people in Yoyogi Park are locals

I would very much prefer to take a walk in Yoyogi Park than Shinjuku Gyoen



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