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OneTwoCosmetics Magnetic Lash Review

What are magnetic lashes? They’re basically falsies with a small plate of magnet attached in the middle of each lash When I first watched the tutorial video, I was overwhelmed by how INGENIOUS this idea was It caters & appeals to ladies who are: – lazy – fail at putting on falsies for her lifetime… Continue reading OneTwoCosmetics Magnetic Lash Review

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Travelling with BSoul Sunday Morning & HydraLip

The amount of sun damage is alarming visible within the first day of a beach holiday How do I know this? Just by checking out how badly Mr R was burnt after 2 hours suntanning on the Kamari Beach While I’m spamming BSoul Sunday Morning Orientale every day before I head out I had NO… Continue reading Travelling with BSoul Sunday Morning & HydraLip

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Hourglass Mineral Veil Makeup Primer Review

I’m usually too lazy to use a makeup primer considering how many layers of stuff goes onto my face prior to actually applying the foundation THIS HOURGLASS VEIL IS GODSEND! I’m kind of disturbed by the fact that this product actually exist and HOW did I not have knowledge of it~! – ok, will read… Continue reading Hourglass Mineral Veil Makeup Primer Review

Beauty · Haircare · Lifestyle · Make Up · Skincare : The Way to TaoBao

Alright alright, TaoBao is like my one best friend that gives me anything and everything I want… But HOW MANY of you have GIVEN UP trying to make purchases on TaoBao? Are you Like me who got so annoyed that I just chuck my shopping list to my friend? Here Comes  The buy-for-you-from-taobao site… Continue reading : The Way to TaoBao

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Unboxing Beauty Box

Have you heard of I received my Althea Beauty Box some weeks ago Like how we’re all excited about opening presents, I ripped it apart immediately Only to find all the potential contenders to replace my current BB Cream that has already been discontinued in Korea With a skip in my heartbeat, I thought… Continue reading Unboxing Beauty Box