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Cape Town: Part 2

Yay! Another week of Cape Town blogging!
This post will cover:

1. Cape of Good Hope
2. Cape Point
3. Aquila Game Reserve Safari Drive
4. Two Oceans Aquarium

Cape of Good Hope

It would have been an incredibly difficult feat to be shot in a frame where not a single soul is in the background of this sign,
but possible with a little magic swirl from Photoshop…

And YES!

It was no more than a 30 min drive from Table Bay Hotel to Cape of Good Hope which is of course, located down south.
When you start to catch glimpses of heaps of tour coaches, yea.. you’re definitely at the right place!
Parking is scarce, be prepared to wait. Turnover is really quick, since tourists just snap and go.

A good windbreaker is recommended. The winds there, omg…. could literally blow you off your feet

These 2 places are actually near each other and from my knowledge, here are the 2 main ways to get to Cape Point from Cape of Good Hope:
1. Follow my arrows and climb all the way up from the sign just beside Cape of Good Hope

When you reach the top, this is where you will be:

Then, you can make your way to where I’m standing to take this shot.
It’s gonna be an approximately 45 minutes hike~

2. Drive from Cape of Good Hope to the direction of Cape Point (app 10 min drive)
Park along the slope leading to the CableWay

This was of course the option we chose. Driving to save half our asses.
After parking, you can choose to take the CableWay up.

This! We proudly didn’t! & We walked up!!
The view was stunning along the way, made it a bonus to work out the lunch we just had as well.
& if you’re wondering what was lunch….

Lunch was at Two Oceans Restaurant
The name simply suggests that it is the location where the 2 oceans (Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean) meet. Though in actual fact, the real geographical location of the meeting of the oceans was said to be somewhere else….

The CableWay ends below the lighthouse and the steps leading to the top can be torturous too.

Cape Point

Aquila Game Reserve Safari Drive

How can you go to Africa without experiencing a Safari Game drive?
Aquila is a small reserve offering Safari tours that is the nearest one available off Cape Town.
It will take about a 2 hours drive to reach Aquila and then another 2 hours back to Cape Town Central.

Since we figured that we will likely be too shagged from all the fun and sun, we pre-booked a transport package with

The Package included:
– 2 way transport to designated hotels
– Lunch
– 4 hour game drive

Lunch was at a place where small animals roam freely…
Look, we have company!

I was really all prepared to avoid the UV rays as you can see from my protection gears!
What you can’t see is the amount of bug spray I had and the layers of waterproof sunblock I applied…

& the half day tour of the safari game drive began in this 12 seater wagon!
Our guide Abriel was friendly and real passionate about the animals
It was totally like a live NatGeo commentary during the 4 hour drive~

Of course, there will be a disclaimer that you might not be able to see all the animals that are residing in the reserve. Since it’s not within control that the animals must all come out to roam around….
We do hope to see Africa’s Big 5 though:
Rhinoceros (both black and white species)
Cape buffalo

I’ll leave you with the following gallery to see what I caught!






Two Oceans Aquarium

A few minutes walk away from our hotel in V&A, we definitely can’t leave Cape Town without visiting it!
Woke up that morning and received news about the closure of the Table Mountain Cable Way, we got a little lost for a while since plans got to change again.
The 2 Oceans Aquarium was a good nearby substitute attraction to visit leisurely.

I would recommend that you buy your tickets online coz there were lines daily at the ticket office outside the aquarium.
This could save you some time~

The Two Oceans Aquarium contains a good collection of marine creatures and in fact, it’s a very educational tour for kids.

< The Jellyfish Columns >

Crawled thru a small hole underneath the clown fish installation to take this shot below
I am still unable to understand why the fishes permanently crowds flatly on the top of the display…

This marks the end of this post, looking forward to edit more photos for Part 3!


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