What is it like to be a Bummer @ 30?

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 I guess the title of this post should more likely be:

What is it like to be a Bummer @ 30 and beyond?

At our late 20s and approaching 30, most of us would already be used to leading a monotonous work life
striving to step up the corporate ladder and going heads on with the many in the common rat race
You think there ain’t much people holding the same Bummer position as me?
The general impression of my “jobscope” is bumming around
Friends and family have been largely mistaken-ed, yet there is also some truth to it

Life is a choice
You make decisions every day
directly or indirectly leading to the consequence of your current lifestyle
Too many have been envious
Too many have always asked: “So, How are you?”
Almost one of the toughest question I dread to answer
I have a short and a long template embedded in my mind
and I retrieve the standard answer based on who posed that question to me
The Short Answer
“Good, Happy, Fulfilling”– true to the point yet you might feel like I’ve just ended the conversation –
The Long Answer
“Very well. Vibe has been sustaining itself, and I’ve been blogging, and I’ve started a new company in May … ” (and the narration of the timelime of my lifestory would go on for the next 10 minutes)
– too much information perhaps? did you just regret asking me? –

This is Prime Time
Reaching 30 and being driven by the ultimate level of happiness
Have you experienced that?
So How is it like being a Bummer @ 30?

1) “You are so free!”
Lost count on how many times I’ve heard this
It’s called FLEXIBLE
my time has been largely utilised
I wouldn’t call this FREE

2) Being my Nocturnal self again
Since my days in secondary school, I’ve always been able to study better at night when there is absolute silence
I’d rather sleep in the day, study through the night and head straight to exams after daybreak
When all the “humans” get crushed up in peak hour traffic, I’ll be the “vampire” that retreats into my bed

3) Everything suddenly becomes available for you
I used to be frustrated over not being able to secure appointments with service providers as I only have time when other “humans” do
Now, skip the queues in post offices
Get you dental appointment, facial, nails and gym session done at anytime you want
When I need to get my brows done, and the lady says “we’re quite full these days”
I would go “No worries, just give me any available slot you have, I’ll make it”

4) Waking up naturally
Either you have an internal body clock that makes you awake or if you’re like me
I absolutely don’t have this system
Waking up to the sound of alarm ruins my mood
bad start to the day
Wake up when your body tells you to
It’s the best thing money can’t buy

5) Sleeping well
Crash in whenever you need to
There’s no such thing as a sleep debt

6) Work anywhere and Work nowhere
I can be taking a skype call while waiting for the bus
Replying emails in my bed
Texting vendors while doing groceries shopping
There’s probably one day in the week that I just dun feel like looking at work
I’d take the day off with myself

7) Places to hang out after midnight on weekdays
You will start to take note of places to go if you’re hungry at 4am and need a meal urgently
Watch movies after 1am on weekdays without having to fight for seats with other “humans” on TGIFs and weekends

8) Making friends who are fellow Bummers
You’d start a new friend list: People who work for themselves and they are just like ME!
We share thoughts on every aspects in life and share how we have been misunderstood by others

9) Drinking beer on a weekday night is awesome!
Get attentive service everywhere since there’s just “vamps” and bummers around
Happy hours all night long!
Who cares about hangovers?
We’d wake up totally fine after 15 hours of deep sleep

10) Make holiday plans within 24 hours
Jet set anytime!
If there’s a promotional flight, grab it
Awkward hours? Doesn’t bother me~
Pack my bags and off I go!

I guess the best thing that comes out of this…
is being able to spend time with myself
panning out the alone time I require and have more dinners with the folks

With more time in hand, never stop exploring opportunities
appreciate everyone around you


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