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Brotzeit @ Vivo

When Renzze tells me to meet at Vivo, I’m psychologically drawn towards the Mango Beer!
I have been too lazy to recognise its proper name on the menu until today!

23-1-2013 1-28-26 AM

Choose the one with the mango juice!
Yes, you may say I might as well drink Mango juice and it’s cheaper for the pockets.
But I want the alcohol dripping through my system! =)


SauerKraut is the MUST HAVE on my table!
The menu only displayed 3 pieces of the battered fish for S$12.50
When the dish came, there’s 5 pieces!
Much to our relieve and worth every penny~

I’m looking forward to heading back for my beer again & honestly I would rather get drunk on that!

2 thoughts on “Brotzeit @ Vivo

    1. was still fine tuning the blog ah =) might as well post while im at it… LOL i read ur nail entry! U REALLY LOOK ESP GOOD in that photo ah! there’s a significant difference

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