What’s this Issue about Bread Talk and the Soya Bean Milk?


This morning I woke up to a “shakened” facebook newsfeed
You know what’s happening when most of your friends are sharing the same links and smashing their comments on facebook about the issue

Today, we have Bread Talk running the headlines again!
The last time on the LKY bread was real “cheesy” and I thought they deserved the negative publicity
This time round, on the re-packing of the soya bean milk…. I would like to lay the grounds right for Bread Talk as a business
After reading the comments by netizens, I feel sorry for Bread Talk having to deal with an ignorant set of remarks instead of targeting at what is really wrong ~

What About the Bottle?


Ms Joyce Koh, the 46-outlet BreadTalk Group’s senior vice-president of brand development, admitted the soya bean milk was “completely Yeo’s”. The problem, she said, arose after the chain used the same type of bottles it used to package fresh juice for sale for the soya bean milk. These bottles had the words “freshly prepared” on them.

“Yeo’s is a third-party vendor. They supply to a lot of commercial eateries, including us,” said Ms Koh, adding that BreadTalk stopped selling the drink on Monday when the post started to circulate.

She said: “We would like to apologise for any misaligned presentation or wrong impressions created, and clarify that it was never our intention to mislead. We do need to improve.”


credits: image grab from ‘guni loti’

I would like to respond to this dude/dudette GUNI LOTI (for someone so anonymous totally means you’re the standard type of keyboard warrior)
Why do you want Bread Talk to have a YEO’s Label?

Have you not been educated on this term called White Labelling?
Here —

When a business does white labelling (which is completely normal), they place bulk orders from a 3rd party company and repackage them as their own
That being said, of course you will see the Bread Talk logo right?
I’m sure we all see a problem with this issue here, but seriously GUNI LOTI –> Other than snapping the photo of the bottle, you’ve made no other contribution

What’s Wrong about the bottle?

1. Highly mispresented with the term “Freshly Prepared”
Recycled from another product line — their fresh juices
I’m not too sure whose bright idea was it from Bread Talk to cut costs by reusing the same bottle and at the same time increase sales volume for the company by creating the false impression of a “freshly prepared” soya milk
This tend to let majority of the consumers think that you’ve just made soya milk in your kitchen and bottle it up and selling it right after…

2. No other information provided on the ingredients of the drink packaged
I would suppose that for every product you sell in your F&B outlet, the product has to go through some sort of authority to be licensed before they can go on the shelves
With such licensing, you will be required to state:
– ingredient list
– date manufactured
– date of expiry
– imported from/or made in which country
At the very least, we consumers know what we are eating or drinking


Why were you still buying those Soya Milk?

1. Out of Convenience
You swing by to grab a bread for breakfast and you see a bottle of soya milk at $1.80
You will just scoop it up without a doubt

2. Packaged in small Quantity
Despite knowing that you can jolly well get a 1-litre YEO’s Soya Milk from supermarkets at just $1.50
You still don’t mind having this from Bread Talk since you can’t down the entire 1 litre when you’re on the way to work
So a smaller packaging with appropriate pricing still attracts you


3. Impression that it’s “Freshly Prepared”
Well, I have covered this above

4. Familiar taste
Since this was re-bottled from Yeo’s
You might find familiarity in the taste of the soya milk
People tend to settle for familiar environments and hence you are always tempted to grab it again

5. Pricing
At this day and age where inflation has become a norm and people have to accept it, moving on with their lives
What is $1.80?
Perhaps just a one way trip on the MRT ride and it can also get you a 350ml of Soya Milk!
Since there have been no major health threats and Bread Talk has always been a trustworthy home brand, you feel safe to buy from them too
There were also many netizens complaining about “How can they make such a huge margin out from re-bottling?”
– If businesses are not out to make money, then what? Charity ah? –
– FREE SOYA MILK every morning, and you cover the cost of it! how about that? –

My point is:
Every business have the right to own their trade secrets
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with drinking Yeo’s Soya Milk thinking it’s from Bread Talk right?
& you have experience no detrimental health issues right?
Let’s not be myopic here!
The whole issue was blown out of proportion only because Bread Talk employed a staff without checking whether her brains was intact
Who in the right mind will be bottling those soya milk in the eyes of the public?

& seriously, there’s better things to worry about than feeling cheated over a $1.80 soya milk bottle~


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