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Boots No.7 BB Cream, Compact Pressed Powder & Illuminator


My Loot has finally arrived!
Got my gf to get them from London Boots Pharmacy.
No.7 is a house brand and is also available in Bangkok Boots Pharmacies.

Their makeup has taken a diverse reach ever since I started using them in 2009.
My 1st ever experience with No.7 was their
Shine Free Mattifying Make Up Base


Cost 11 pounds back then and now… 15 pounds as of 2012

Still, it’s amazingly affordable and worthwhile when you see the results!
I never used to believe in make up bases until this!
Light (almost no weight) and holds on to your foundation for more than 12 hours!
The mattifying effect was honestly very satisfying ~

Next I’m trying their BB Cream!


5-4-2013 5-41-02 AM

Most ladies would have their skin type fit into at least one of these categories.
I took the leap in the Normal/Dry Skin
The BB Cream is translucent base and provides a cover that is acceptable by my standards.

I have always been a BobbiBrown ardent fan for their compact pressed powder & this is the first time I will be taking No.7 on a challenge.
Feels a lot like I’m cheating on BobbiBrown =p


Only at 11.50 Pounds, compared to my loyal BobbiBrown @ SGD50.00
I suppose it’s worth a try..
The quality of the powder pad provided is flimsy… I shan’t expect too much for this pricetag~

THE MOST EXCITING product of this entry!

Deco Darling Loose Powder Highlighter!!!!!



It’s like Shimmery Golden Sand in a little pot!
Not able to use this at the moment coz I’m short of a Face Brush ~ Need to source for one now!!
Do let me know if you have a good one to suggest!!

I can totally imagine how SMASHING my face will be Glowing!!!
Totally Can’t Wait to give this a shot!

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