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Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage


As mentioned in #RaymanMelva Wedding Preps, drinking a bottle of the Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage is part of my daily routine to maintain the suppleness in my complexion & to ensure I look great on my wedding day!


The Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage contains 3 Patented Ingredients: Highly purified Ellagic acid extracted from pomegranate extract, Highly purified glutathione extracted from yeast and MangoSelect® ( Mangosteen extract)
and 3 Superfood Berries: Acai Berry, Cranberry, Blueberry


The Mangosteen extract and the berries in the Biocode Brightening Collagen Beverage explains my expression when I took my first gulp
It’s not super sour but just that I did not expect it
The 2nd bottle onwards was a breeze


The highlight of this drink is the brightening effect which all ladies yearn for!
We’re all seeking natural radiance that shines from within
As we age, our complexion naturally becomes dull as we rely on cosmetics as the facade of that radiating smile

The main ingredient in the Biocode Brightening Beverage is the Yeast extracted Glutathione, also termed as “Super Anti-oxidant”
It eliminates free radicals and is widely used as a detoxifying agent for the treatment of liver diseases;
Reduces toxins in the body;
Protect cells from injuries caused by toxins and free radicals;
Improves immunity levels and encourage overall skin lightening


Recommended Consumption

To see guaranteed results in 30 days, drink 1 bottle of Biocode Brightening Beverage daily in the morning with an empty stomach as our skin takes 28 days to rejuvenate.
If you have a history of poor gastric health, consume after food.
If your budget allows, continue taking 1 bottle a day for another 2 months.
This is to help improve the physiological functions of our body. A healthy body will help our skin appear more radiant!
Otherwise, take 1 bottle every 2-3 days for maintenance.


Where to Buy

There’s currently a Super Value Offer going on right now at $144 per pack of 10 bottles!


Biocode Brightening Beverage tastes best when chilled
It is fine if you prefer to consume it non-chilled
Shake well before drinking!


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