Best Friends

I was scrolling Facebook today & came across this:



22 signs You’ve Found Your Best Friend Forever



Had a good read and I evaluated my friendships with multiple Best Friends
Why do you only have One BFF?
I have so many lovely BFFs that I’m very proud to announce my blissfulness!

I’m gonna do a mini version of my list… in Melva’s way of expressing appreciation
For those who are not featured but mentioned, you know who you are & I’m protecting your privacy


1. Instantaneous Facebook & Instagram Likes


Incidentally, some of my best pals makes ZERO effort for social media.
or perhaps they think having Me in their lives is worth more than a lifetime’s Social-Media Value

I keep them updated with who’s who, who’s doing what and the latest bitching in town
Hence Melva became their instant RSS feeds …..

I thank my ardent fans & readers for unconditionally liking all my posts – that’s so much love =)


2. Indulging in Guilty Pleasures & Keeping them a secret?

Why should it be a secret? There’s nothing to hide!
So what if I bought 4 years worth of youth-retaining products in fear of aging?!?!


I thought I was over-doing it & she matched me in buying the same AMOUNT!
We’re such bad company when it comes to shopping for anti-aging stuff
Equally paranoid – even though there’s no reason to….


3. Mentally drafting the Maid of Honour Speech for good use when She gets Married


I’ll hold that dress for you and do everything else for you EXCEPT The Speech!
I do Love you but not enough to face up to my stage fright issues…
There’s so much for me to say to you that I rather do that in private than delay everyone else from eating their food in the banquet…


4. Owing hefty amounts of money but convincing ourselves that the figure will balance out in the end

I was brought up in a rather strict manner…
My parents told me never to borrow money to eat ice cream in school, even when I have insufficient pocket money.

Then in 2007, I met this lady who spends all her money on-&-with me


Ignore my retro make up and the stuffed face

We spent 99% of the time shopping together & I have never felt so happy fighting for the bill before!
It’s like victory if you managed to throw your credit card into the bill folder
And so she says: “Aiya, in the long run the monies will be even out wan la..”


Nobody ever wrote a logbook so we’d never know how much we owe each other!

In 2013…..
Me: “OMG I’m so lazy to travel there & I dun wan to pay for Taxi!”
Her: “Jump into a taxi now! I Cover!”

Seriously, is money that unimportant?


5. Wardrobe Functions

11-7-2013 11-12-30 PM

Can’t seem to hide it for long when you attempt to steal a piece of clothing =p
Nuff said


6. Facebook Friends run deep into the family


Quite some slots of my Facebook Friendships were taken up by Girlfriends’ families
Brothers, Sisters, Parents, Aunties, Uncles, Nephews & Nieces, Cousins, etc

Yes, my relationship runs deeeeep

7. Traveled with each other for extended period of time without ending up Killing each other

I very much perfer to do everything alone
The best thing is to travel alone!

A spontaneous agreement to a sweet girl asking me to travel with her resulted in the string of photos you are about to view next….

She’s been named My Best Travel Companion & you will also find many forms of similarities in the photos
I say… We converged
in almost every way!

















Finally, nobody attempted to kill me on a vacation!
It’s either you love me to bits or you might just murder me in my sleep.

2 girls who are extremely picky with food
[ Note: do not underestimate the extend of how selective we are – it’s quite a disease ]
Realised that we are highly complimenting our appetities
She takes everything that I dished out & I take everything that she hates
Her allergy to chocolate makes me the happiest person coz no one will ever have to share chocolates with me!
Her indecisiveness is cured by my innate need to decide everything fast


8. Despite being intelligent, we became collectively Bimbotic


Dear Chee Seen Por, [ canto for mad woman ]
I’m so glad we met
so that I can stop trying so hard to cover up my bimbotic tracks & let it all out with you


Yea, we’ve got quite a proper shot here to fool the rest of the world.
You know me so well from across the globe & I know you would literally knock a door down just to see me


knocking the door down gave my chee seen por a swollen hand
True Story


9. Memorized My History, Heros, Villains & Briefest Cameos

My dramatic life has so much significant details that it ain’t difficult to remember
There’s almost an equal number of heroes and villains in my life – the latter not worth remembering

What impressed me is that so many of my girlfriends reminds me of the Cameos that I never had brain capacity for
& I wonder why they reserved some ram for these roles


I appreciate the amount of ram contribution coz I’m honestly running out of space!


10. Forgive & Love

I’m not all saint
I’ve sinned, I’ve done very wrong things & if unforgiven – I can totally understand why

I’m so thankful for her big heart
A heart so big – I’ve never came across one like hers before

I’m glad we’re still together right now
Spending even more lovelier times!



11. Abuse & Love

Certain languages are reserved for some besties whom you grow up with
She completely understands me, despite all forms of verbal diarrhoea she has receive

Sounds like bullying?
She secretly likes it



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