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Beer Fest Asia 2013 Taiwan Beer


Thank you Taiwan Beer for the gracious invite to Beer Fest Asia earlier this week!

Having Beer as my staple beverage, you can imagine my excitement for this event!


Karen & me have recently been seen at the Marina Promenade F1 PitBuilding Tent a couple of times from the Audi Fashion Festival & now..this

Deja vu
We parked at the same place & walked in together
trying to contain our excitement to down some Lychee Beer to combat the scorching weather

The booth was easily recognized from afar with the sweet colours splashed all over!


IMG_3003 copy

Upon entering the premises, a Taiwan Beer Sweet Touch handheld fan was distributed to every Beer Fest Drinker
It’s the BEST LIFESAVER of the day!
With the extremely scorching sun and humid air, we were all suffering and wished the entire place was air-conditioned


The NEW Grape Fruit Beer (yet to be launched in the market) was strongly promoted at the event and how can I resist tasting that?
Grabbed the first cup & downed it!
It was so refreshing and the sweetness stays right there!


You can’t go wrong with Fruit Beers like these ~
Taiwan Beer Fruit Beer Series features easy-drinking beers with sweet aromas and contains 5%real fruit juice
With only 2.8% alcohol content, you enjoy the greatest combination of sweet fruity beers without getting drunk~

There are 4 flavours in this Fruit Beer series:
Grape and Orange Fruit Beer will be launched this month
while Pineapple and Mango is already retailing in major supermarkets

17-6-2013 2-05-22 AM

Thereafter, we were offered more tastings of all flavours and ended up with so many sampler cups on the table


I happily drank(tasted) ALL of them including their original Beer (non-fruity)


Apart from the Fruit Beer series mentioned earlier, Taiwan Beer Sweet touch Series has my ALL TIME FAVOURITE Lychee Beer
Instead of just having the sampler cup I couldn’t resist taking the entire can for myself =p

IMG_3013 copy


The Sweet Touch series has 3 flavours: Lychee, White Grape and Green Apple
The White Grape Beer has a similar taste to Qoo White Grape Juice just that it’s carbonated and contains alcohol
The Green Apple Beer has an unforgetable aroma

Retailing at just S$3.90 per can in leading supermarkets and convenient stores, I’m having more access to them right now! Last month when I had a major craving for Taiwan Beer and couldn’t find them, it was really depressing~

Back to the Beer Fest event, I ran back to the event later in the evening to meet more friends for booze!
The crowd was anticipating 53A’s performance and they got really egged on when the band started performing~



Just before bedtime, after completing this post…
I downed a can of the Mango Beer!!!
Perfect for the hot weather and knocks me out pretty nicely into bed ~


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