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Beauty Recipe: 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery

I’m BACK with this post!
Been a while since I last wrote and I’ve got complaints that people are bored coz I haven’t updated!
I was busy clearing backlog ever since I left for my honeymoon in Santorini & of course, that’s gonna be another entry~

Before the holiday, I got my brows done!


It’s been 2 years since my last eyebrow embroidery and thought I should get them renewed after drawing for the umpteen times and it’s indeed piling on to my total makeup time daily
Beauty Recipe is your neighbourhood one stop beauty salon with nails, eyelash and eyebrow solutions
Best of all, it’s right in my WEST neighbourhood — an 8 minute drive away from me!


With its awards and accolades, customers are reassured that their therapists are well trained and totally know what they’re doing!

My Original Brows


I’ve got this natural arch which I’ve been dying to conceal
– yea, I’m telling you that I’m pretty good at drawing my brows #browgamestrong

I dedicate about a good 5 minutes on sculpting these thicker brows before heading out everyday
Well, the arch-trend is not always prevalent especially when korean styled brows are totally in right now
The laziest way out is to get a semi-permanent embroidery for the moment




I like how Jade (my therapist) uses calipers for accurate measurement of each brow
Thereafter, a ruler to assist in straighter drawings


Go without make up on for the procedure
Otherwise you might exit the salon with beautiful make up but your forehead and eye make up will be non-existent or smudged

Total time required: 2.5 hours
Don’t rush the therapist into the job as it will stress her out and in turn, not good for your own brows


Despite the fact that numbing cream is set on 30 minutes prior to the procedure, you will still experience pain
It is bearable but it was more painful than I expected

Prepare your family, friends & loved ones that they might look at you and laugh really hard for the first 3 to 5 days after the embroidery
Please tell them to refrain damaging your self esteem for these few days and hold back the laughter
Mr R’s first expression totally gave it away that he find me absolutely hilarious and he advised me to put on full make up before he wakes up so that I won’t scare him awake


gif credits:

He also laughed so hard before leaving for work in the morning
Don’t worry, this humiliation lasted for only 3 days


I actually really like the shape of the brows!!!
The arch is GONE!

Before & After

before after

& along the way, I told Jade what I prefer in terms of where the brow should end
She delivered my exact instructions and I love it!
Only YOU know how your full make up will turn out, so you need to know your brows well~

After Care

Apply on aloe vera gel which will help to heal
Optionally, you can purchase the aftercare cream from Beauty Recipe which helps with better color absorption and faster healing for $28
& it can be used again after touch up

Touch Up


One month after the procedure, I was called back for a touch up session

Time taken: 1 hour

post touch up

Jade basically ensured that more colour gets captured and the brows will last longer!



 ‘Quote Melva to get Super Natural Korean 6D Nano Eyebrow Embroidery at $488 instead of $1288
3D Creative Eyebrow Embroidery at $288
Call/Sms 98593982 or Email for inquiries & appointment bookings



Outlet 1
Blk 104 Jurong East St. 13 #01-102 Singapore 600104
Outlet 2
Marine Parade Central (call for exact address and directions)

6567 3568


Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday (10am – 8pm)
Saturday (10am – 9pm)
Sunday (10am – 6pm)
Perfect brows for my wedding shoot in Santorini!


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