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Back from a Social Media Break

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I know it’s been a really looong while!
Since last October (2016), -omg it’s like 8 months?-
So many things happened in between & I’m just gonna briefly narrate what went up and about in the previous 8 months

Reason for the Social Media Break?


There was a sudden mental exhaustion derived from several paths
I just felt like hiding and ‘taking a break’ for a while to avoid all the judgement people love to make about me
Thereafter, the ‘engine’ kind of died and I always found way better things to do than to write a new post
The fact that this blog gets ‘hit’ all the time in terms of spams and system crashes disgust me too
I’m super tired from reviving this that I wanted to abandon it altogether

Then, this morning
Mr R said that he woke up early and read my old entries
It reminded him of all the good times we had
This was real important and inspired me to start writing again!
More like, so he can remember what he ate at which restaurant, you know~


Mr R & me still have no friggin’ idea how we managed to survive 2016
Huge life events + so many travels + the worst nightmare of all times = house moving

Late November, Architology handed over our newly renovated home 4 days before deadline!
Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?
Have you ever heard of any renovation ID and contractor that DID NOT DELAY and still make it well before the expected date of delivery
This gave up ample time to clean up and ensure that the whole moving process is smooth

Check out the portfolio on Architology’s Facebook Page


Amidst the unpacking, my 33rd Birthday arrived!


33 is my favourite number
At 33, I’ve never been as fantabulous in my entire life until now
[ Back at Au Petit Salut ]
We order the same thing, sat at the same table … very predictable I know~
Au Petit Salut will always remain a very special place for us!

Then came Christmas!!!


Christmas was spent at FOC @ Hong Kong Street
Splendid Tapas that never fail to disappoint
I actually prefer this over Binomio (also considering the price point)
Foc @ Hong Kong Street has an entire bespoke cocktail selection but I always go for that usual few =p

Countdown to 2017


Late October, I tried to get a table at Spago MBS for 31st December
You think I was #kiasu???
They were actually full even before they opened for public reservations
Thank god I had my trusty friend CK who secured us a table for 2 with an almost perfect view of the fireworks


Then, the unimaginable happened…
CK left Spago and he’s now the F&B Manager with Grand Park Orchard
Seriously… SPAGO, you lost a great talent there!
I’m happy for CK but now, SHIT how to get privileges in SPAGO?


At this point, I need to point out my Aijek Dress
Birthday present from my girlfriends Ren, Simin, Cass & Jen
Super Chio!


January 2017

First CNY as Mrs Chia
Brought my ‘kums’ to go ‘bainian’
Cute right, that cny baggy


February 2017

Valentine’s Day dinner treat at Keyaki @ Pan Pacific Hotel
We had a teppanyaki set each

& We also welcome Rulo into our home


Valentine’s day present from the husband
A triangle robot vacuum cleaner by Panasonic that cleans corners!
So far so good, sometimes Rulo ‘chow gengs’ and does abrupt stops


March 2017

Happy Birthday to Mr R!!!
Brought him to CUT @ MBS and witnessed the peak of happiness in my husband when served with the wagyu steak
Ok, it’s all worth it!

17884569_1265809840134879_2344183541790498710_n 17951852_1265809820134881_1966393535418568114_n

Late March, I closed Vibe @ China Square Central after 7 years of retail business
I was more glad than upset
I also consider this as a milestone in its own way!


April 2017

My first cherry blossoms sighting!
brought my MIL for her birthday trip
I’ll share more on the itinerary in future posts soon!


May 2017

1st Wedding Anniversary
Can’t believe how time flies!
We decided on a short trip to BKK to commemorate our first trip as a couple back in 2015
Oh well, I had the first indigestion that trip
Funnily, it’s from over-eating
There’s a first for everything right!!
Not so much of a romantic trip but I can safely tell you that 50% of the trip – I spent it in bed and in the toilet

This month….


I’ve been a good wife!
Cooking regular weekday dinners for Mr R!

Right now, I’m gonna head off to prep for Father’s Day dinner with the in laws!


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