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Art Loft – 49 Going on 50


Special Feature written by Shanise Ng

Local artists ­ check. Local owners ­ check. Local food ­ check. Alright there’s no local wine but you get the gist.
The “49 going on 50” show by Art Loft was held in a traditional shophouse in Tiong Bahru, one of the oldest estate in
Singapore built in 1930s. True to its tagline, “Curated by art lovers, for art lovers”, attention to details was full on display as it aims to make its visitors feel at home.

Thank you Art Loft for inviting us to the event and provided nice wine and some ‘kuehs’ to company us while browsing.

Art Loft prides itself as a platform for Asian contemporary arts and has lofty ambitions to carve out a niche in the crowded art market by focusing on art rental. Time will tell if this relatively unexplored concept will find an audience amongst Singaporeans but it has certainly done its part in contributing to the budding local art scene.


These are some of the highlights (or rather personal favourites!) from the show.



Photo 1­ Mr Kool and the Gang as well as Cool and Chic by KY Huang (zebra)

Caption: Bringing barcodes to life


Photo 2 ­ ZHONG by Leo Liu Xuanqi

Caption: The mahjong goddess (referring to the owner of this blog – MELVA!) believes it might not be a bad idea if instead of an octagon, the tile is set in a square ­ similar to a mahjong table, maybe even complete with drawers!


Photo 3: Yi Fei Chong Tian by Leo Liu Xuanqi

My personal favourite featuring the iconic duckie as well as the artist’s signature cloud designs.


To celebrate Singapore’s 49th birthday, ART LOFT (www.artloft.co) will be holding their second pop-up event from the 28th of August to 4th September at Tiong Poh Road.
You still have a good chance catching the show these couple of days~

Other featured works at the event:






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