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Angelic White Nail Mask Tutorial


A revolutionary Nail Mask from Angelic White
Witness the instant improvements on your damaged nails!


Since the last disappearance of the ever popular Ecrinal Nail Mask which has been discontinued a good 3 years back
There has been a limited number of brands that tried to replace the demand for a good nail maskHowever, none produced such instant results that have impressed me this much



For those of you who are constantly in love with gel manicuresYou would find my nail condition familiar
Right after gel removal, usually I would re-apply a new color and have my nails constantly painted
I experienced some discomfort since the nails were getting really thin
and thought it is time to be repaired


– Rough nail surface
– Thinning of nails
– Unable to grow beyond a certain length
– Peels from the side
– Dry & Brittle

Watch this tutorial video to have a better idea of using the Angelic White Nail Mask
which comes with a 3-step highlight

Tutorial Video




Angelic White is a Canadian product, designed and manufactured in Canada
The Nail Mask comes in a 3-step package
The highlight of the product: All ingredients are natural!

 Step 1. Green Tea + Avocado Booster Vitamin

This natural combination of Green Tea + Avocado Booster Vitamin contains Avocado oil which has a rich source of Vitamin A & E. Avocado oil also enhances the penetration and rapid absorption of other nutrients. Formulated with Green Tea, a super potent antioxidant, for its healing and restorative properties. Jojoba oil smooths and improves the elasticity of the cuticle and their ability to retain moisture in the nails. Lemon essential oil contains high level of Vitamin C for whitening effect.


Apply a coat of Booster Vitamin on the nail plate and gently massage. Continue with Honey Oat Nail Mask and Keratin Essence. Great to use as a cuticle oil

Persea American oil, Jojoba oil, green tea, sweet almond oil, neopentyl glycol pioctanoate, lemon essential oil, disodium lauriminodipropionate tocopheryl phosphates, vitamin A palmitate, bergamont essential oil, green tea leaf extract, jasmine grandiflorum essential oil, chlorphenesin

Step 2. Honey Oat Nail Mask

This unique and natural nail mask contains oatmeal and honet, which are very effective as a cleanser, exfoliant and moisturizer. Oatmeal contains 18 different amino acids which are essential to healthy nails. Amino acids act as building blocks to rebuild nail keratin tissue. The nails can then absorb amino acids from the oatmeal and honey in the nail mask, thus promoting healing for the dry and damaged nails.


Apply an even coat of nail mask onto the nail after the booster Vitamin. Leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Spray with Keratin Essence to remove the nail mask.

Purified water, panthenol, equisetum arvense extract, litchi chinensis extract, avena sativa (oat) kernal extract, honey extract, lycium barbarum fruit extract, mimosa tenuiflora bark extract, hyaluronic acid, alpha-bisabolol, amino acid, sclerotium gum, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinylpyrrolidone, sodium pca, lemon essential oil, pentylene glycol, chlorphenesin

Step 3: Keratin Essence

This light and refreshing essence contains keratin and collagen which are the key protein for structural building block for nails and cuticle area. When the outer layer of keratin becomes damaged, it affects the new cells that are no longer being protected beneath it. This causes damage in the form of dry, brittle and damaged nails. Keratin is also used to smooth and fill in the damaged nail layers. Collagen and keratin give the nail its strength, waterproofing and flexibility.


Spray one pump of Keratin Essence onto the dried nail mask on each nail. Use a tweezer to remove the mask. Excellent to spray on the natural nails and cuticle area for keratin and collagen nutrients.

Purified water, tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract, ceramide 3, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen, cucumber extract, sodium laxtate, luffa cylindrical extract, hydrolyzed adansonia digitata extract, trehalose, niacinamide, sodium pca, pentylene glycol, chlorphenesin


After 5 minutes…


After 10 minutes….


After 15 minutes…



The Honey Oat nail mask becomes translucent with time after application
After which, spray the keratin essence over and you will find the nail mask layer re-emerging
From there, you may proceed to peel off the layer as shown in the video tutorial.





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