Exposed: Ridiculous Details of an Employment Contract

6-3-2014 4-23-26 AM

I think it’s time to formally inform the world that the dude who’s behind Amplify Solutions Pte Ltd
has ZERO / Negative credibility

He will be labelled as “SML” in this post when reference is made to his wrongdoings


Mid of last year, SML offered to match a salary package that was currently on my hand
He was so fond of leaving out important details in his speech and paints the best pictures out of a slump
On the basis of friendship, I didn’t ask for much details as well
Assuming that SML would have filled me..

6-3-2014 4-43-24 AM

August 1, 2013

SML made the official offer
If you noticed in the first cutout above, he stated it as a SERVICE AGREEMENT
instead of an employment contract
The difference between the two is that the latter requires mandatory CPF contributions while the former doesn’t
In the event of someone contracted under a Service Agreement, the person is not committed to the company full time
SML wanted to make all his employees full time staff and avoid making CPF contributions, hence he went with this loophole

As of August 1, 2013
According to ACRA, there was no such company and SML went ahead to contract staff with a make-belief company name

SML couldn’t be bothered in getting my IC number and name right as well
He made me someone called Roy Tan

6-3-2014 4-45-48 AM

Honestly, I’ve scanned these down as I seeked legal advise as to whether SML was liable to make the salary payments and if he will still be held responsible for this contract
when it is under a company that was non-existent

Ridiculous Details of the OFFER

6-3-2014 4-42-28 AM

Just a brief background to this make-belief company’s revenue model:

  • Sale of Point-of-Sale system hardware and software
  • charge ridiculously prices of S$24,000 to the merchant
  • rebate them in “vouchers” once the PIC grant claim gets back
  • The only hardware I’ve seen was items SML bought from Funan and he actually intends to resell those things

The supposed POS cum waitering mode software developed for F&B outlets never surfaced after a month of business operations
In short, the whole business model actually existed only in FairyTale Land

Here, SML offered S$4,500 monthly salary with a S$500 deductible with every fall short of quota
In the event that I had no sales, I will end up with nothing
In the event that I met the monthly quota, I will not be granted commission
There’s also limited sick leave and annual leave
This dude obviously missed the fact that Ministry of Manpower is still standing in Singapore

6-3-2014 4-45-27 AM

The other option he provided would seemingly be a MUCH “better” deal
when compared to the above option

Note that S$500 is made payable for transport and mobile allowance
However he argued that what he meant was that it’s supposed to be on a claimable basis…

I got so skeptical on how SML was going to pay salaries since he did not ask anyone for their bank account number
Perhaps he never had the intention to pay and assumes everyone lived on the air and water God provides.

I heard that the company finally existed now and SML also got involved with a lawsuit on escaping the responsibilities of CPF contributions
Seriously dude, were you in dreamland all this while?

Please AVOID getting involved with this CheaterBug
Email me for his real name

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