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A Diet called Starvation

It is every girls’ dream to be slim, proportionate, sexy & maintained at 30!
Many of you have been trying to dig my secret to staying in shape without any obvious hard work in the gym…

Truth is:
I never needed the gym
Nor do I secretly conduct biometrics exercises in my bedroom
I down gallons of beer and coke, sleep at 5am everyday and gorge on junk food – Calbee Hot & Spicy potato chips being my favourite
The only incidental workout I have is just delivering nail polishes and dancing the night off in the club

Diet is the only way to maintain your weight!
Though I agree that regular workouts will assist the weight-loss and tone the goodbye arms we all have
My lazy bum would still opt for the easy way out

Check out my diet plan for the day:
1. Breakfast – the most important meal of the day contains fresh milk and bread/cereals
2. The best mummy in my world cooks my lunch everyday and this is my portion for a meal …


3 tablespoons of rice and with vegetables and etc, it looks like this:


3. Dinner will equate to the same portion

My friends named my diet “Starvation”
Matter of fact is: when you’re used to it, your appetite will shrink naturally as well!
The focus here is not being the healthiest being on earth.
The objective here is to be in shape in the laziest and most painless possible way!

Occasional cravings can be satisfied.
For instance, PMS cravings and festive cravings (oh yes! Pineapple tarts!)
Just remember to revert back to the smaller portion of meals-intake when the cravings are over! 🙂

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