5 Ways to Reject Friends in MLM


First things first,
I still can’t quite believe that there’s still people sucked into this vacuum
I shall not question your intelligence level and/or weakness here
& will assume that you are really suitable for network marketing with the optimal characteristics for your so-called ‘business venture’

So, how do you make money?


People from the MLM world always tells you this:
“Others build business, We build Network and let your Network Build the Business for you”


Ya right! If everyone thinks like this, then you end up having NOBODY to build any form of business!


Have you not realised this thus far?

What Spurred This?

I’ve tried my best to be nice in the conversation…
There were so many hilariously mean statements running through my mind that I typed and deleted
The very first statement SHOUTS MLM!!!!


Tell-tale signs of MLM:

  • Randomly catching up with people who you don’t normally talk to on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis
  • Texting me at weird hours like MIDNIGHT is really NOT business-like
  • Offering “business opportunity”
  • Mentions the phrase PASSIVE INCOME (bumps off the red alert)
  • Asked if you’re SATISFIED with what you have at present?
  • No mention of the PRODUCT
  • Persistence in talking to you and it becomes annoying

In this case, she did mention about how the product “speaks by itself”
You mean the product is alive and speaking?


Really, you can’t tell my sarcasm?




Those guys at the top level playing field is forever giving motivational talks and instilling positivity in people
Thereafter, persuading them to join the “business”
It’s very much like a brainwash process and every person that comes out of it seem like they have a rebirth or something
& they all speak the same “lingo”

It’s very cult-like
This very same cult-like behaviour also take place in the insurance advisory and property industry
What separates them and make them more legit is that they have proper products and services to market and sell
People in the insurance and property industry are very necessary to our livelihood!
This is what sets them apart from MLM


It’s not rocket size – think about it…..
They tell you that it’s so easy to earn money
So where does the money come from?
From people paying membership fees or from selling products?


Trust Me!

Also, try to take note of the type of people parading in this MLM industry – they generally belong to the same kind of people:
People Who Don’t Know What They Want & What They Do Best



You are just considered SELF EMPLOYED
You’re just like any taxi driver on the road that is registered to a company


Pay a rental fee for the vehicle
(in your case, it’s a set of products which you have no complete use for improving your intelligence)
& use it to make a living

What Constitutes to Having a Business?

  • You have a registered company under your name (legit ones of course)
  • You came up with an idea that can potentially generate revenue
  • You create something out of nothing

You get the drift….!

MLM companies is owned by a rich fella or rich-but-may-collapse-anytime fella
You don’t own it, neither does the idea belong to you
There’s nothing under ur name except the registration form you wrote!
You did not create the product
You did not generate the marketing materials (but why would you need it anyway if you’re just convincing people to join you)


Please try not to let me mock at you
I have a tough time laughing before getting back to a REAL JOB

5 Ways to Reject Friends in MLM


#1 Show Me Your Money First


So easy right? Good business opportunity right? Make a lot of money right?
How much money u have now?
Throw some cash at me please!

#2 Tell Me Some Failure Stories


I’m sick of those Diamond and Blue Sapphire guys showing off their successful stories
Tell me about those who failed~
If you know none who failed, then you should be RICH now!

#3 What is Your Business Plan?


oh wait…… That’s not even your business
Conversation ends here~

#4 I’m a HeadHunter


You wanna meet up?
Let me Get You a REAL JOB!!!

#5 Have You Got No Other Friends Left?


oh it’s kinda sad that you have to resort to checking me out and chatting me up
Have you got no other friends?

Poor thing, must be your MLM business driving your friends away
ahhhh, those aren’t real friends anyway and neither am I
Good bye~


That said, here’s some suggestions to improve on your salesmanship (I don’t care if you think you’re the Boss, in fact you’re NOT!)
if you choose to dwell in this MLM shit

  • Speak and Write PROPER English! A Product speaks for itself and doesn’t speak by itself!
  • Be Genuine when you contact your friend, do some REAL CATCHING UP at the very least!
  • Explain your intentions – Indicate that it’s MLM
  • Introduce the NAME of the Company
  • Recommend the products of the company and highlight on how it can help him/her


If you didn’t manage to survive after indicating that it’s MLM,
then of course the person is already negative towards this idea and you’re just banging your head against the wall if you continued
Shut up and Move on!
Best still, QUIT!


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