5 Things You Complain About But Never Do Anything To It

How many times have we found ourselves complaining about the same thing over and over again?
If we aren’t tired of the same sh*t, then whoever that we are complaining to will be placed in agony having to hear us out!

It’s perfectly fine to complain over things that we are not comfortable about
However, once is more than enough
Twice tells me that you might be thinking of doing something to it
Thrice is just pushing it
Anything more will get you a tight slap from me!

The cleaning auntie in my office asked me why don’t I put up signs to remind people in the office NOT to mess up the pantry..
I told her:
These are humans I’m dealing with
If they need to be educated about a pantry’s hygiene, then I will educate them once
Remind them another time
After that, they will be humiliated publicly for the very fact that I enjoy doing so!
We don’t need a SIGN to tell professionals to behave!

Here’s 5 common things people complain about and basically do NOTHING about it for years!

1. Your Job

It’s easy to say “I Love My JOB” & “I Have the Best Boss”
How often do we have them both together?
The best of both worlds occurs randomly to the lucky few
Other than that, we have a large proportion of you suffering from the lack of either one
Worst case – you HATE BOTH your Job & your Boss~

Thoughts that go through your mind when you’re just thinking about making a change to your sufferings in your job…

“I have bills to pay… I can’t leave without a job”
– True, many of us are stuck in this situation. Make proper plans for a job switch. Procrastination won’t get you anywhere. The first step is always the hardest!
“What else can I do?”
– Take a break to understand yourself better, find another love, there’s so much to do that you can never run out of options.
The most important question is: Are you willing to step into the unknown and take the risk?

“ok.. maybe I don’t hate it la, just dislike only”
– stop trying to convince yourself that you can be ALRIGHT with it. You might get over it for the moment and the next smallest thing will trigger your nerves and make you go crazy unnecessarily
“What if the next job is worse than this?”
– There’s a possibility that might happen, it’s all about making the right decisions. You can either blame yourself for making a lousy decision and learn from it or remain status quo and suffer pointlessly, not knowing what other opportunities may bring you

For the time off you have, you might wanna try some part time jobs in Singapore
It may just spark off a talent and you really never know!
I even had friends who tried out some part time jobs for students like working in a cafe or some sort and that took them on a journey to kick start a dream business!
Part time jobs Singapore is a good platform to start providing you with the first glance of opportunities~

2. Your Boss


Following the First point…
Why should we be submitted to bosses and allow ourselves to be bullied?
I’ve had my fair share of horrible bosses from my first job till now
Yes, You’re NOT ALONE!

On my new handbags
“Obviously we have been paying you too much to afford this…”
– you can tell me that in private and I will make you hate me even more, but it wasn’t fair for you to say this when we were in an elevator filled with private bankers from other banks right? Bitch!

On my trendy business suit
“Can’t you afford for something Dior? Your dressing is inappropriate…”
– I don’t enjoy walking around looking like a refrigerator where my body contours shouts 40-40-40

On my boyfriend
“Have you broken up? I sense something wrong with your work attitude…”
– The only wrong thing is with you, Bitch

On my bonus
“Yes I know you’re the top sales person in the group, but I’m sorry I can’t help push for your bonus… I have no idea why it’s only $200…”
– If you don’t know, then who know?

On my entertainment budget
“How can you not spend a single cent? Have you not been working?”
– I can’t help it if all my clients pay for my meals right? *shrugs

On my conversation with clients
“Please stop speaking to them in Singlish, use professional language”
– Singlish is ah beng’s most professional language, I provide customized service some more you know!

I’ve had better luck ever since
The BEST kind of feeling you can have is when you leave your most hated boss with a large amount of work, no handover done, bouts of rumours and a middle finger in his/her face
Who cares about professionalism when they don’t use that in the first place?
When you can’t get your way, get even!

3. Your Other Half


Be it boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives/partners…

Just had a conversation with my lovely girlfriend over lunch and beer (yes the best combo you can ever find)
She told me how much more difficult was it to break a marriage apart compared to just a simple relationship
Staying together and bring happy is the fundamentals of every relationship
Love may be prevalent, but sometimes take an inevitably invisible stand

It is indeed subjective as to whether or not you’re still staying with this person out of love
May I quote her:
“Ask yourself if you’re better off with your other half or without?”
That essentially drives you to hold on to that relationship

This is also the very reason why you get friends complaining to you time and again about their partners over the SAME blardy issue which never gets solved
If it’s something you’re willing to overlook… MOVE ON for F**k sake!
Stop complaining, Suck your thumb and talk about other better things in life that requires your attention!

If it’s something you know for sure that you DO NOT want to keep in a relationship…. WAKE UP!
This person is RARELY able to change but he/she can improve on it
If that very improvement doesn’t sit well with you then please cut your losses and invest your time more appropriately!

Easier said than done, All you need is BALLS!

4. Some of Your Friends

Hanging out with people who constantly puts you down?
Your so-called friends who are always late
Never there when you needed them
Always asking you for help
Disappears when they are in a relationship

Clean up your physical friend list from time to time
It’s kind of a healthy way to keep yourself in check
Hang out with supportive and trustworthy people who have your backs

Complaining to friends about other friends ain’t going to help you
You would sound like a total actress pretending to be cool with one party and bitching on the other hand
Unless you have nothing else to talk about
Then it’s kind of sad that you only spew the negative stuff…

5. Your Colleagues

Maybe it’s not everybody, maybe it’s just you?
Working in a corporate environment requires a good fit in the corporate culture
Sadly, you will never know what the culture is until you officially join them
Blend in or Bend in!

Your colleagues make or break your day at work (if you allow them to affect you that much)
Most people are social creatures that require to communicate and receive assurance from the equally insecure ones around them
Gelling with them kind of make you a happier person but we tend to forget that we just need to be cordial and not go overboard with it

Once, I had a bunch of auntie-colleagues who were really nice to ask me out for lunch
When they eventually told me that we were supposed to go to OG and buy bedsheets together…

Thank you for the kind intentions but I guess even though we are of the same age, this is not working out!
We went our separate ways thereafter…
I still love to tell this story on how these “ambitious” ladies who planned their entire wedding and childbirth in the office and told me I’ll never find a career in the company coz they couldn’t find one.
I have absolutely no right to complain about them but I’m more than happy for them to leave me alone and take their negative words with them

There is NO need for you to pretend to be BFFs with them
Draw a very clear line so that nothing can be used against you
Co-workers are a tricky part
It would be way easier if everyone can keep their mouth shut~

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