5 other Reasons to Run for

Other than for the obvious reasons…
Running with Nike Free 5.0 also makes u look sexy like this!
Credits to my BlogBuddy Smithankyou for contributing the skeleton of this article!

  I’m not exactly a runner since my lazy self provides a million of excuses to do everything else except an evening run
I do spend some time going for Circuit Training classes on a weekly basis – only ruined when I travel

I create excuses to escape running because I’m afraid of people spotting me with no make up and perspiring in the most tak glam way ever along MBS
However, I’m still a pretty good runner… at least that’s what I think….


10km at 65 minutes
March 2015

Anyway, I’m going to tell you other reasons to run for!

1. For the MRT/BUS

People think I look atas and belong to the flag-taxi kind or driving sort (I was!!!! Until I lost my license — story for another day)
but I actually go public whenever possible and I hate having to wait for the next transport


Speaking of which… People have the misconception that I am high-maintenance, i.e. spend a lot of money on dressing up and all
but the truth is I make cheap stuff look expensive
My clothes typically cost between $5 to $50 and I look like a million bucks all the time~

3. Away from Creepy Guys


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Got to always be on your toes, I’ve been plagued by stalkers since I was in my teens
We need to be physically fit to take off whenever we sense danger!
If you’re in time to arm yourself with killer tools, that’s gonna be a bonus!

4. North South East West Run

My favourite directions to run
and I can go round and round without stoppingon the mahjong table, that is =p

5. Cockroaches

All my life, I’ve only met ONE girlfriend who’s not afraid of roaches!
I can’t fathom her bravery
Not only roaches, but in fact I’m afraid of ALL insects
like the harmless ants and the ignorant house beetles
I avoid them in a flash – go into hiding most of the times


There’s REAL rational reasons to run other than just a race or for leisure

Oh, Have you heard of the High Heels Race?
I’m truly impressed by the dash these women gave!



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