10 Things I Learnt from Wedding Gown Shopping



You didn’t get me wrong!
You can really be comfortable in a wedding gown!
I’ve tried so many that I really know what I’m talking about~

It’s been a hectic start of 2016
I know that I’ve neglected a lot of aspects of things just because we all have 24 hours in a day and I have to do much more now with the party planning and all
For those who manage to even catch a glimpse of me this January, count your lucky stars
Just as I’m writing this, January 2016 eased past so swiftly I can barely recollect much happenings


I bravely went gown shopping on my own with zero research and not knowing what to expect
Well, I have no prior experience (of course) and armed with an idea in my head, I thought that was all that I needed
It isn’t really rocket science you know, after all — It’s really JUST A DRESS

& if I really had a choice, I would rather get married in tee shirt and shorts
The most important event in my life is marrying my partner, HE is the most important factor and not the dress
– seriously –


By the way, there will be no photos of me fitting any gowns in this post, just in case you’re reading this because you want to check me out (I know you do)
My loyal fan, who also happens to be my Fiance Mr R, checks out my blog every other morning while he’s on the train ride to work
So much love (I know), hence I’m not revealing anything here as he deserves that JAW DROPPING moment when he finally get to see me in the BEST DRESS which is aka the Wedding Gown

10 Things I Learnt from Wedding Gown Shopping


#1 Know What You Want before Starting Out


I think no one else knows me better than myself
I know for sure that this is what I want
This is called a Long-Short Dress, literally a long and a short part of the skirt makes up the gown

My preferences are usually frowned upon
like.. insisting on NOT having a boring sit down wedding banquet where most people don’t know each other and you spend the best day of your life putting up a show for people who try to fake-entertain another person on the same table to pass time
Why should you judge me for being unconventional?
Last I checked, I’m getting married and you’re not~
Clearly, I have very different ideals and I never enforce my views on you, nor have I ever made remarks such as…
“oh your gown is so normal that it’s old fashioned” (even though I honestly think so)
coz I respect that it’s the best day of your life and you deserve to be happy (so I will tell you that you’re gorgeous!)
Hence, I urge you to re-think before making that judgement and unnecessary comment

Be Firm on what you want
Never let anyone tell you otherwise (especially the sales person)


Draw some inspirations from Singapore Tatler Weddings or Her World Brides
there’s apparently a world of difference between the 2


Filter the types of silhouette that enhances your figure:
– Mermaid?
– Trumpet?
– Ball gown?
– A-Line
– Train or no train?

Also, decide on the theme/style you want:
– Modern?
– High Fashion?
– Classic?
– Oriental?

Everyone deserves to make a choice~
You don’t have to please anyone else but yourself!


For a change, Black Gowns are actually awesome!

#2 Always Bring a Friend


Other than having the mirror, it will be nice to have a friend who reassures you and provide you with honest opinions
In this case, it’s a bit different
You brought her along, so you have to accept whatever she says
assuming that you trust her enough to accept her comments even if it turns out negative


The most important role of that friend is however NOT staying put as your BFF
But to be the BAD PERSON
who pulls you away whenever a sales person gets too pushy or tries to body shame you

I’m perfect for that role honestly, anyone want to bring me along?

#3 Which Friend to Bring?

The one who Says Yes to the Dress


The friend who will cry because she feels for you the very same way she would feel as if it was her own wedding
That’s the one who will love you the same as she loves herself


With prevailing experience from watching Bride Wars,
avoid friends who are also shopping for wedding gowns
There can only be ONE PRINCESS at a time!

#4 Buy or Rent?


“I will leave my gown to my daughters next time”
“I love my gown so much I wanna keep it”
“I will sell them after using them”
“It’s my dream wedding, I should have it for keepsake”

– Right –

1. how do you know if you will have daughters?
2. when are you going to wear it again?
3. how many of us really bother to sell the gowns after the wedding?
4. how many of us have big enough wardrobes to store the gowns just for keepsake and at the expense of the opportunity storage costs of buying more new dresses?

Just my 2 cents worth
I’m all for RENT

#5 Where to Start Shopping?


Just like any other inexperience bride, I chose to start with that stretch of boutiques along Tanjong Pagar
where their gowns are nicer when you look from the street across
I came to understand lately that these boutiques serve the mass market
akin to you going to Giant supermarket instead of NTUC Finest

These are the boutiques that appear on Her World Brides instead of Singapore Tatler Weddings


They hire people who are not as well spoken to fit you into their template bride
commonly known as ‘Packages’
They try to talk you into purchasing packages from them which include photography, make up artist and gown rentals
These packages are mostly rigid as well
They have many levels of inventories of gowns to browse, most of which are not of good quality when you look up close
I remember having one person bring me a baby blue + baby pink + glitter all in one skirt
I almost died there and then
They have no sense of fashion trends and are used to serving the mass market
Selling packages is their priority while catering to your needs is secondary


If you’re looking for more professional services to rent designer gowns, you can check these out:

Tiara Bridal
Ted Wu
The Prelude Bridal

I’ve placed my orders with Tiara Bridal and have been really pleased with the service!
particularly, Lourra thinks ahead of me and attempts to understand my thoughts
She’s not pushy at all and takes the initiative to help you out as much as she can
She’s a star and is a lovely person to work with!


On the other side of the spectrum, if you don’t mind purchasing gowns online have thousands to choose from with prices starting from USD79.99 to USD299.99
which are still negligible to own it

I’ve also ventured to places in Singapore where gowns were being sold from the comfort of the owner’s home
Vivian Gown is one of them
The gowns were honestly quite decent for prices ranging from SGD19 to SGD1299
YES! I’m not kidding you!! $19 bucks!!!!!!

#6 Gown Rental Prices


My field report on pricing

Tanjong Pagar boutiques: about $2800 for 2 gowns (considering the not so ideal quality) and $300 to $650 per gown for photoshoot
Those outdoor gowns for photoshoot are of horrendous quality coz it’s been worn by millions of people before you and not been upkept

Boutiques for designer gowns: depending on the brand, it typically sets you back from $2800 to $4500 per gown

These information are from my recent knowledge only~

#7 MTM/BESPOKE – Is It Worthwhile?


Made to Measure (MTM) and Bespoke gowns are essentially the same
This will definitely fit you better
You get to decide if you want to just rent it or keep it after the gown is done
The price difference between rental and purchasing isn’t much
This causes the usual huge dilemma but rationality should still tell you not to purchase it

Out of the hundreds of millions of designs out there in the market
I’m sure there is this ONE ideal dress that we are all dying for
If you insist on having that one design, then MTM is the right thing for you!

#8 Vera Wang Should NOT be the ONLY Gown Designer You Know


We all know her dresses are stunning
But Vera Wang ain’t the only choice when it comes to high end wedding gowns
Just to list a few off hand:

 Monique Lhuillier


Anne Barge






So to prep you for not being thrown off when the high end boutiques quote you these names
You should have done your research

#9 Lose Weight for the Dress?


Typically, most brides lose weight before the event since they would be too busy to eat
or they would be consciously working out more to shake off the excess weight so they will look better in photos
I’m a non-believer of losing weight for the dress
I don’t like the uncertainty of making a size smaller and working towards fitting the dress
What if I woke up with water retention and the zipper refuse to come up???
That’s gonna spoil the whole thing!



So I don’t choose Vera Wang and I will alter the dress to fit me!
For you… you got to decide which school of thought you belong to!

#10 Slap Every Fella Who Tries to Sell You Packages


I’ve removed myself from that stretch of boutiques that implemented such sales speeches
Extremely irritated by them
They make me feel like my big day is no longer special while their paycheck is~
One more dude comes up to me and sell me packages again, he will be slapped!

Leaving  you with one of my all time favourite dress!






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